Rock Climbing – Rifle Mountain Park

We Made it to Rifle!!! Clare on "Do the Mashed Potato" 5.8 Rachel on Fat Slags 5.10a

Wall: North of Ice Cave
Weather: perfect, a little warm midday in sun
Distraction Factor: Medium (lots of hikers gawking)
Serenity: Medium, the creek filters out most traffic from the road, but the loud shouting from climbers rises above everything.
Parking: Purchase a Day Use Permit & Write Legibly or they will ticket you. I was warned by a local park guy!

Clare Having a Blast in Rifle Rachel Ready to Rock

Climbs: 5.8 Do the Mashed Potato (L), 5.9+ Fat Slags (L), 5.10- Spuds In Space (F), 5.10- A Funny Face (or smiley face?) (F).

The climbing at Rifle is tough. The beginner routes are not for beginners, they are for intermediate climbers who are not yet ready for 11s. Expect slick holds, and large blocks of rock that seem just moments from being dislodged. The climbs we did reminded me of climbs at New Jack City, in SoCal…lots of side pulls and gastons. The upside is that bolts are well placed, and the first bolt is not way off the deck. We climbed until the sun started setting and it got dark.

Cave In Rifle Time to Go Home After a Rad Rifle Day

Then, we went into town and had dinner at an authentic Mexican place which served traditional food from San Juan. I had shrimp soup with corn tortillas and Rachel was served a very spicy chicken enchilada. She usually doesn’t eat hot food, but she hunkered down and ate it anyways.

I was proud of her for that, and also for leading the last route in Rifle, it was new & dirty, long (12 bolts), and hard. The locals were impressed with Rachel’s onsight, so it’s not just me bragging.

2 Responses to “Rock Climbing – Rifle Mountain Park”

  1. dylan says:

    I’ve never been there, looks & sounds intense!

  2. climbergirl says:

    It is intense, I think it would be really fun after a few weekends in a row. Once one becomes accustom to the style of climbing needed and the type of rock, I think it is not as daunting.