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Later at the Park...Techies Chill

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The Denver New Mexico Tech Alumni Chapter had a meeting in Fort Collins and then toured the New Belgium Brewery. I did not attend NMT, but am a spousal affiliate. Besides, “Techies” are usually good people to hang with as they are generally good natured and sufficiently nerdy.

New Belgium Factory Innerds Clare with Fat Tires-I want one!

My favorite part of the tour, hands down was the free sampler at the end…ya get to pick out 4 of 6 beers and give them a try. I think there was only one I didn’t like…which says a lot because I normally don’t even like beer!

NMT Hunks

Maybe it was the atmosphere of the place. I could totally see myself working there…they probably could use a statistician to do their quality analysis-right?

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