My First Hockey Game

Clare & Dennis at Avalanche Game
Dennis & I went to see the Denver Avalanche play the Calgary Flames. He had scored some rad seats through work, so we were pretty close to the ice.

Avalanche loses to Flames 1-0
All in all, I thought the experience was pretty fun. The Flames were just too good for the Avs…they were bigger, better, and faster on the ice. It was like watching a college team play a highschool team. I guess the only saving grace for the Avs was that they held the Flames to only one goal.

Still, I was sad that they couldn’t muster a goal for themselves. Didn’t they know that *I* came to watch them? Didn’t they know that it was *my* first hockey game? Aren’t they supposed to cater to their *fans*? Just joking, I’m hardly a hockey fan. Heck, I don’t even understand all the rules!

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