Emma’s Birthday Weekend

My sister, Emma, turned 12 this year. While there may not be anything particularily special about 12, there is something special about her birthday! Emma is my little sister, and while she may not be physically “little” much longer, I still like to celebrate these years with her!

Movie Star Emma My Goofball Sister Emma
Emma Getting a Bob
Dennis & I flew out for Emma’s birthday, but also to visit with my Mom & Grandma (both ailing for various reasons). And, one more person near & dear to my heart, the one who keeps things afloat-Meera.

The weather was perfect, and if I was a bad person, I would have ditched the whole family thing and opted for the sumptuous & delectable feeling of J-Tree granite.

Instead, we ended up taking Emma for a professional Hair Styling (her hair was devistated by a self-chopping event that occurred last August). It was so much fun to watch her pick out a new hair style and then get it washed & curled. She went for the ever popular “Bob”. I thought it looked adorable, way better than the random chopped effect. Even she got into it…next time I’m out, I’m sure she’ll want another styling and who knows, maybe even a manicure.

We also took her to Target. We bought her a birthday present, and had a long discussion about homework. I remember my parents having the same conversation with my brother, Jon…”We’ll get you this game, if you do your homework!”. Interesting how some things run in the family! Emma is really smart, but she’s somehow figured out how to get out of doing work. Drats!

Unfortunately, Dennis & I got super sick, so for the next 2 days we didn’t leave the hotel room. It was some kind of wretchid flu. It was on par with the traveler’s thing I had in Morocco. Just horrible.

When we did get better, we visited my Grandma, who is staying in a Nursing Home. It’s sad, really. I feel badly for her because she had a stroke 6 months ago, and she has still not recovered much use of her right hand/foot. Her insurance is not paying for PT anymore, as she has “plateaued”. IT’s *so* stupid, IMO.

In any event, it was nice to visit with her. Dennis & I are trying to find a place for her here in Colorado, since she wants to be closer to us.

So, that was Emma’s Birthday weekend!

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