Snowstorm in Spring!

On Our Way to 12" of Snow...
Technically, winter is over. However, this morning it started snowing, and by 11:30am, it was announced that our building would be closing!

People who live on the Western side of town had left work an hour earlier, to beat the winter storm. For example, my boss rushed out of the office at 10:10am, hoping to get to Morrison before the whiteout conditions. I was told to use force if necessary to get folks out by 11am…

Around 1:30pm, management at Raytheon (where Dennis works) finally realized that conditions were treacherous and issued a memo informing workers to make a safety conscious decision, but they were to use their own vacation time, if they needed to leave early! Gotta love working in the private sector.

Our Front Porch Our Garden Courtyard in a Snowstorm

So, Dennis & I left at 2pm, in semi-scary conditions and drove home. We spent the rest of the afternoon cuddled up in warm clothes, catching up with our families online, and enjoying irish coffees.

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