Mt. Sanitas & Pie

How Most Guys Feel Surrounded by Estrogen

The Summit Sign

On Friday, I hiked to the top of Mt. Sanitas (6,863 ft) along with Jen (carrying Soren) and Liz. The hike is a beautiful loop with 1,343 ft of elevation gain and 3.3 miles long, according to protrails.

Yummy Lunch!!!

We were supposed to climb, but were thwarted by cold morning weather…it was around 40 degrees & cloudy for most of our hike.
A Little Conversation
Soren Riding Upon Jen's Express

So, we opted for the hike.

Jen Forges Ahead with Soren

Pretty View West from Sanitas Trail

Liz Pretty in Pink at Summit of Mt. Sanitas

We had to be back to Jen’s house by midday so Soren could have his nap, we were hoping he’d drift off in the backpack. Unfortunately, he did not…he just got more and more fussy. Finally, we all started singing The Wheels On The Bus Song and he was diverted. When we put him in the car he dropped off instantly, thankfully, we could all stop singing!

Later, back at the house, while Soren was catching his zzzzzz’s, we ladies got to work on lunch.

Getting Ready to Make Chicken Pot Pie

Clare Slicing Strips for the Top

Chicken Pot Pie Without the Top

We made a chicken pot pie (everything but the dough was from scratch) and also a cobbler. I was excited to try the chicken pot pie, because it was a chilly morning and we were hungry from exertion.

Clare & Liz Transfer the Top to the Pie

Jen Loading the Oven

Everything came out just awesome, and of course it warmed up while we were baking! We ended up eating lunch out on the porch, with temps in the 60s. Why couldn’t it have been so nice in the morning!!! Geesh.

Cutie Cobbler Chefs

Clare With Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

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