Indecisive Weather Weekend

On Friday Night:
Garden Court in Snow

On Sunday Midday:
Yeah, I'm done Staining!

On Friday, it started snowing…most people left work early. In living the worker bee lifestyle and by honoring the memory of our hardworking ancestors, we left at a normal time. It snowed consistently all afternoon, so it had built up to around 6 inches by the time we pulled into the garage. We quickly transitioned from work clothes to pub clothes, and went to the local brewhouse for some Irish food.

We split a chicken boxti, and lingered for a couple hours in the warmth of the pub. The snow swirled and whirled around outside, and we were happy to enjoy the hot toddy & whiskey.

Front Yard under blanket of Snow

We went home and watched The Duchess, which I thought was sad but appeared to be a realistic representation of aristocratic life several hundred years ago.

All day Saturday, it sleeted & rained. The 16 inches of snow slowly melted away. By Sunday morning, it was almost all gone. I took the opportunity to stain the planks for a raised bed, where I intend to do some serious gardening this summer.

Freshly Stained Planks for Raised Bed

SO, no climbing this weekend. However, I did get a nice day of sunshine on Sunday and finished the hard part of the raised bed project. Now, I just need Dennis to screw the planks together in a shape resembling a square and then fill said square with soil. Planting will be so much fun. I can’t wait!!!

You Say Tomato!

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