Christmas Day With Family

A Sister Snow Showdown
Christmas Dinner
Jon, Emma, Meera, Dennis & Clare, Mom & Ben.

It’s been a long long time since I had Christmas with my family, so this Christmas I was excited. Everybody was coming to Denver to celebrate the season. Jon came from WA and Mom & Ben & Meera came from CA for an unforgettable white Christmas.

Emma Goes Wild Over the Wii Emma Hi Fives About Wii Jon & Clare Opening a Gift from Santa
Jon with his Throwzini
Clare with GPS Fortrex Receiver

We started out the day by opening presents, and there was much rejoicing. My favorite was the Garmin Fortrex 401 (from Dennis) and the Patagonia Capilene top (thanks Mom!). For our family, Santa dropped off a Wii, complete with Rock Band. So, now we would all have something to do later in the evening!

After presents, we got started on the Turkey and popped it in the oven. Then, we all took a lovely walk around the neighborhood in the snow. Even Mom joined in on the midday exercise!

Emma Goofs Around with Icicles
Clare, Dennis, and Mom Enjoy Winters Day
Jon & Clare Play Snow Soccer

When we got back to the house, it smelled delicious. The Turkey was making it’s transition to the final stage before it’s date with our plates.

We waited a little bit, and then started cooking all the fixings. With Jon in the kitchen, it all went smoothly. Ben & Dennis both ran to the store for various last minute items, which really helped the production move along. When the Turkey was ready, we all sat down and enjoyed the gastronomic feast.

We finished the evening in the basement, playing Rock Band on the Wii. Mom got into it, singing the vocals for a touching rendition of a David Bowie classic, while Jon amazed us all by handling a Spice Girls song with uber fast lyrics with suave. We all took turns playing the different instruments and generally had a blast.

Our Basement Rockband!

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