Military Health Systems (MHS 2010) Conference

Clare with Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Background
This year, I was selected, with 2 of my co-workers, to attend the Military Health Systems Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. It’s in a resort area south of Washington, DC. The conference would last from Monday to Thursday, and I was to be there the entirety.

On Monday morning, I woke up at oh-dark-thirty, and put on my suit for the conference. Opening flag ceremony started at 7:30 (sharp-as with all things military). The conference kick-off went very well. We were honored by the attendence of Admiral Mullen (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), who took time away from his schedule to speak about the state of our military health care system.

The Plenary sessions that day were scattered about since the organizers had not known for sure if Admiral Mullen would be attending. We had a several hour gap in the program, I dearly wished I could go back to my room and take a nap! Instead, we ended up going out to lunch and enjoying a few hours of sunny daylight.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge from National Harbor, MD

At the end of the day, we went for a walk. The Woodrow Wilson Bridge is just over a mile from the resort hotel, and then another two miles gets you to Alexandria.

Display on Pedestrian Woodrow Wilson Bridge Across Potomoc
We decided to turn around at the halway mark, because an incoming evening storm thwarted us with heavy wind and a bit of lightning!

Sunset & Storm Over Potomac River

After our walk, I went back to my room and changed into workout gear! I went down to the gym and worked out for a couple hours. The gym at the hotel has lots of nice aerobic machines, but surprisingly there is no pull-up bar!

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