Colorado Rapids Opening Game – Dennis Birthday Kickoff!

Clare, Emma, and Dennis at Dick's Sporting Goods Park
On Saturday, to celebrate Dennis’ Birthday, we went to the Colorado Rapids Opening Home Game, against the Chicago Fire. It was our first soccer game, and we were excited. We got tickets and found our seats. The stadium was about 3/4 full, and I think it was due to the chilly windy weather.

Rapids Defend Their Goal

Rapids Goalie Launches the Ball

Collision on the Field

We huddled together and enjoyed the battle on the field. Both teams were equally aggressive on offense, and fairly matched on defense. Colorado had a 2-1 game, until just before the end, when Chicago made their last point.

We left the game, surprised at how much fun it was; and a little sad it ended up in a tie.

Later that night, we had some friends over and played Hoopla! and another fun drawing game.

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