Running – Horsetooth Half Marathon

Clare & Jenny Finish Line of Horsetooth Half 2010

On Sunday, Jenny & I ran the Horsetooth Half Marathon in Fort Collins, CO. It was foggy in the morning, but the fog lifted just before the race. We were blessed with perfect running weather, sunny and cool with no wind.

I ran the race in 1:49:00 (8:19 minutes per mile pace); which was good enough for 15th place out of 141 gals in my age group.

Jenny Sprinting To Finish the Horsetooth Half Marathon
Jenny sprinted to the finish about 10 minutes after I was done. I just barely had enough time to get the camera (we had hidden it the night before). As I was walking to an open spot amongst the crowds, I saw a pink skirt and a blonde pony tail…It was Jenny! I ran like a maniac through the crowd and managed to capture these pictures. Classic!
Jenny After Finishing Horsetooth Half Marathon

She scored 17th place out of 107 gals in her age group, with a pace just under 9 minutes per mile. RIGHT ON, JENNY!

I want to give a shout out to Chris Hoag of Denver. I ran the last half of the race with Chris, and we worked together to keep a kickin fast pace. During the last 3 miles, we passed countless people together, and it was awesome to be part of a team-even if it was adhoc!

Jenny Post Race Stretching Jenny & Clare on the Bus After Horsetooth Half

Jenny and I were totally psyched with our runs. We spent a few minutes stretching and rehydrating before catching the bus back to the start.

The race ended at New Belgium Brewery, where they were serving cold brews to the racers. The sound of beer after such exertion was unappealing, or not as appealing as enjoying a long soak in a hot tub. I think races should have portable hot tubs, so contestants could all have a post soak. It would really complement the massage services they offer…

After the hot tub soak, we went back to the room and I quickly fell asleep. I had a nice 30 minute nap.

Clare & Jenny Celebrate Half Marathon

We left to return to Denver. Jenny then treated me to the most delicious Vegetarian Pho at Pho Duy. We stuffed our face with noodles & washed it down with Boba…YUM!!!

After lunch we were totally stuffed.
After Gorging on Pho

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