Darren’s Bonfire

Klecha, Reda, Oben Families

On Saturday, we flew from Chicago to Detroit to spend the day with Dennis’s family. His cousin Darren invited us over to his yearly bonfire, so of course, I was ***Very*** excited!

Darren & Rose
Here’s Darren & Rose inside his pad. He has an awesome place, it’s a huge building with his speedboat, workout gear, a pool table, wood burning stove, galley kitchen, 60 gallon fish tank, and a cozy bedroom. Quite the space!

Aunt Jean, Marion, Aunt Irene, and Clare
Here’s Aunt Jean, Marion, Aunt Irene, and myself at Darren’s Bar area.

Brenda & Clare Kicking It Up a Notch
The Night is Young and the Fire was just getting started! Brenda & I chatter on…

Everybody Having Fun:
Clare & Dennis at Bonfire Joe & Brenda at Bonfire Tom & Marion at Bonfire
Aunt Irene and Dave at Bonfire Kim with Gracie & Ella Ella & Gracie On Top of Telephone Poles

Bonfire Getting Huge!
Darren's Huge Bonfire

We all had a fabulous time catching up. It had been a couple years since we visited, and we missed Uncle Bob. Everybody misses Uncle Bob. He was just one of those kinds of guys!

Darren was a great host, the bonfire was just amazing. I had boatloads of fun pushing the old wire spindles into the flames.

I also had fun playing with Gracie & Ella. These little girls are like two rapid fire sparkplugs. I definitely got a workout that Saturday. Maybe just enough to work off that superbly yummy Cherry Cheesecake, or the mound of humus & chips, or the pasta salad I shoved down my throat!

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