Memorial to Grandma Pat

Dennis & Grandma
Clare & Grandma
Pictures of Dennis & I with Grandma on Easter, 2006

Born Pauline Patricia McClintock on Dec 17, 1931, my beloved Grandma Pat passed away Sep 20, 2010.

What sad news! She suffered a stroke a little over a year ago; which confined her to the use of a walker, slurred her speech, and took away her ability to care for herself.

Over the past year her mental and physical health slowly deteriorated. She broke her hip and her shoulder from trying to walk without assistance. She had further respiratory complications due to emphyzema from years of smoking. I believe at the end of her life, she was not in pain, as she was in a hospice and they are generally experts at pain management.

Prior to the stroke, she lived an active life and was involved in many social circles (Church, Bingo, Politics). She was the life the party and was a great hostess. She knew a lot about entertaining! There were always people stopping by for a visit and I never saw her turn anybody away.

Furthermore, Grandma was constantly thinking about what to “do” next with home decor. It was impeccably designed; it had to live up to all the latest trends. Often, I called her for advice about home projects.

Grandma was a fiesty lady with a lead foot. She routinely drove her Dodge Stratus at mach speeds down the highway and she didn’t care about the consequences. She loved to gamble with her “fun” money and we had a great time at the casinos in Las Vegas. She was ***super*** fun.

We miss her more than words can describe.

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