Portugal, Day 9 – Mountain Bike Riding, Bacalhoa Winery, and Tile Factory

Clare and Dennis Mountain Biking in Portugal

Dennis was super happy, we finally had the chance to go mountain biking. Pedro drove us out to the country and we road down a gravelly jeep style road. It was slightly hilly, but beautiful terrain.

Bacalhoa Winery - Odd Statues
At the Bacalhoa Winery there were these odd sculptures out in front!

On the way out there, we stopped at the Bacalhoa Winery and bought some delicious Moscatel Roxo (Red). I wish we could have purchased an entire case, but we were going to be travelling over the next week and didn’t want to lug it around from place to place!

We also visited a Mom and Pop tile factory named Ceramica Do Lapidario (email them at lapidario at clix dot pt or call them at 212191123, for tour information and products). We met with the crafts people and purchased some hand painted mosaic tiles. It was neat to take a small tour and learn how they make the tile. The gal who painted our tiles has been doing so since she was a little girl.

Clare Playing on Beach in Portugal
Later that afternoon, Pedro drove us to another area and we rode the bikes downhill to a very nice beach. We lounged about on the beach for an hour and then called it a day!

Dennis and Pedro on Bikes
The Guys!

Clare Geared Up and Ready to Ride
Tough Biker Chick!

Dennis Enjoying the Views
Dennis just after ascending the crux hill. It wasn’t that bad, but I think we all had to dismount and walk the last little bit.

The Nice View While Riding
View at the End of the Ride! Pretty Countryside!

A Downhill Biking Extension
We rode down to the little beach in the picture! It was super fun!

We Started Our Downhill Biking From Here
Our downhill excursion started at a high point of Arrabida National Park!

Biking in Portugal is Fun!
Taking a break to enjoy the view…The downhill ride was thrilling, but hard to take one’s eyes off the road!

The Coast of Portugal
We came from the notch in the ridge to the left! It was a long and exhilarating ride down!

A Beach in Portugal - What a Vacation!
We had the whole beach to ourselves!

VFFs in Portuguese Sand
Love VFF’s on the beach!

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