4K on the 4th – Avery Brewery Race

About to Run the Avery Brewing 4K on the 4th

On Friday, I ran the 4K on the 4th with Dennis (Elvis), Jeff & Julie, Ed, and a bunch of other runners. It was a hot morning, reaching the mid 80s by the 9am start time.

Avery Post Race Party
The Avery Brewery holds this race every year and it sells out really fast. Winners earn their weight in beer! Post race celebration includes all the beer you want to drink, fantastic breakfast burritos, fresh fruit, and brownies. Totally yummy!

I thought I was well hydrated. However, I wasn’t. About 3k into the race, I started having the numb face problem from improper hydration/nutrition. So, I had to walk about 2 blocks. Once the feeling came back, I sprinted to the finish where I collapsed in the shade. One of the running club guys helped me cool off by bringing me cup after cup of cold water.

Despite the face problem, I came in 4th place for my age/gender. My time was 19 min 10 sec; a 7 min 40 sec min/mile pace. 136 racers beat me, including the 3rd place girl, in my age/gender group. She ran a 6 min 30 sec min/mile pace! The race was a fun event, but considering the pavement and the heat, I doubt I’ll run it again.

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