Around the World – Day 11 – Nalan & Jatin Wedding Reception

All Dressed Up for Nalan and Jatin's Wedding
With Errin and Dave at the Reception Hotel

Delicious Food
Delicious Food!

Nalan and Jatin - Happy Newleyweds
Nalan and Jatin

Finally, the moment had come! Time to attend Nalan & Jatin’s Wedding Reception. We met with Errin and Dave in the lobby and waited for the festivities to begin. We were greeted by Nalan’s younger sister, Handan, and it was wonderful to see her. She introduced us to her husband and some of the family. We met, briefly, with Nalan’s parents and I got the biggest bear hug from her Dad. There were lots of pictures being taken of the family, so we were snagged by Nalan to be in a couple pictures. She looked like a princess!

The night started out with some appetizers and wine. People mingled and socialized while we waited for entrance into the reception.

At the Reception
When they let us in, we picked a table and shortly after, they started serving dinner. It started with a delicious hummus, vegetable, cheese, and olives plate. The main course was rice, with roasted veggies and chicken breast. The food was delicious and very fresh.

Bread and Homemade Jam
Fresh rolls and homemade jam!

Bride and Groom
There was a DJ playing music and Nalan and Jatin finally entered the room; with a spotlight…like movie stars!

Nalan, Jatin, and Her Parents
Nalan and Jatin with Nalan’s Parents!

Giving the Bride Jewelry
Nalan, being showered with jewelry. Jatin’s 4 aunties are putting bracelets on her while her older sister puts on a necklace.

Dancing with Nalan...FUN as Ever!
Nalan dancing, the music was really fun and almost everybody came out to dance!

Wardrobe Change
After a little bit of dancing, Nalan and Jatin slipped away and changed into more comfortable Kurtas. The traditional garments of India are much easier to dance in than the traditional western wear!

Selfie at a Turkish Wedding
Dennis and I having a fun time.

We stayed at the wedding until nearly midnight and then we caught a cab back to the hotel. The wedding was super fun and full of energy. I loved the way they blended the cultures so that it was a truly cosmopolitan and worldly event. No matter whether you were coming from Dubai, Malaysia, the US, the UK, Germany, or Turkey, you were bound to have a fun time! Best wishes to Nalan and Jatin for a life full of happiness!

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