Dayton, Ohio Here I Come!

I recently returned from trip to Dayton, Ohio. I was there for GIANT (GPS Interference And Navigation Tool) training and configuration control board meeting. If you want to learn more about GIANT click on it.

The training was great and I made some good connections. While I was in Dayton, I visited the climbing gym Urban Krag. It’s in an old cathedral, with stained glass. Truly a fun climbing opportunity, if you are in the area and want to get a good workout. They make ya take a belay test, but they are super friendly and positive upbeat staff. Highly recommended for the climbers out there!

While in Dayton, I ate out at several nice places. Living in sequestered Ridgecrest, I have developed the tendency to gorge myself on fine dining when I’m out of town.

As always, the week started out with a social hour (or two) at the Dublin Pub. Most excellant fish & chips, and of course Guiness! I did not drink the beer-but many folks did. Instead of living it up, four of us went to Graeters (AWESOME ICE CREAM) afterwards. The ice cream at Graeters is just fabulous. There are MONDO sized chunks of chocolate (think half dollar sized) in several flavors. My favs are the mint chocolate chip and the raspberry chocolate chip. If they had this in the middle east, we might not be fighting cause folks would be standing around noshing on the good stuff!

On Wednesday night, three of us went for French food. A very cute and trendy place called C’est Tout (That’s All!). The decor was traditional blue and yellow floral patterns (french country style). The waiter tried to sound French, and that was entertaining. I think he actually spoke French-but he wasn’t really from there…I had a lemon drop martini with dinner (not a french drink is it?). And for appetizers we all split an artichoke, and smoked salmon. For the meal I had cornish game hen with potatoes and herdicot verde (Sp?) which is basically french green beans. It was a yummy meal. After that, we walked to Graeters, where I had ice cream for the second night in a row. Lucky me.

Thursday night, I was by myself. I went back to the Oregon District (where Dublin Pub is) and ate out at Thai 9. They have a sushi bar, and Thai food. Flavorfull and unique, the menu offers quite a plethora of dishes. Many more than what I’m used to seeing! The food was similar in price to the French restaurant, very reasonable by California standards. (Around 30 bucks for all of dinner, including the tip). I had the Tom Ka Kai (sp?) Cocunut broth soup with chicken, mushrooms, and surprisingly cherry tomatoes (I had never seen tomatoes in this soup before). For the meal I had what is essentially Chili Mint pan fried wide flat noodles. I asked for a 7 on a scale of 10 spicy. If I go again, I will ask for an 8 or 9. 7 was just slightly hot. My nose was running, after I added some chili paste (which the very attentive waitress brought over). The Thai Ice Tea was very refreshing, since it was a warm day. For dessert, I got the sweet sticky rice with Mango on top. Y-U-M-M-Y. Not as good as ice cream-but very pleasant.

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  1. dylan says:

    Strangely, the Bankok House in Ridgecrest makes some of the best Tom Kha Kai I’ve had anywhere. It’s “weedy” (lots of lemon grass and ginger), but always fresh and flavorful. One of Ridgecrest’s few culinary treasures.