This is a proposterous plane movie. It reminds me of a sophisticated Con-Air, without the flare. At least Con-Air had all those great huge explosions and out of this world special effects thanks to Jerry Bruckheimer. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking, “No way would this ever happen”.

This movie relies too heavily on the talents of Jodie Foster. No matter how great her acting is, she can’t cover up the holes in the plot, the absurdity of the airplane (one of the decks below looks like the center of the death star), and the weakness of even her own character.

I’m sick of seeing women fighting bad guys who only hit them ONCE in the head with something heavy. First, she hits the “bad” guy with a fire extinguisher-bringing him to the ground. Then she handcuffs him to a railing-but ONLY one arm!!! And, she doesn’t render him unconcious! So, he wakes up, grabs his gun, shoots himself free and VOILA-another 30 minutes of viewing pleasure. There is also a “bad” girl who she slugs ONCE, and then runs off. Come ON!

What gives? At this point, Jodie’s character is in control of the airplane, but she is continually relinquishing that control. It seems the only reason for this push/pull is to extend the length of the movie…like the writers were all out of neat ideas. Secondly, she seems to know everything about the airplane, when it is hinted at that she is a propulsion engineer. How many engineers know every nut and bolt about the things encompasing the work they do? She runs around the plane as if she put it together with her bare hands…proposterous, she works on the engines!

The coolest part of the movie was in the beginning when you see a panaramic sweep of the airplane, it is HUGE. The visual effects crew gets an A+ for the aircraft itself. It really does look like it could be real, and boy would I LOVE to fly on something like that!!! The color scheme throughout the movie was great as well. I did enjoy the suspense of the movie, which was created through lighting, color, and music (none of the stupid piano stomping stuff).

This is definitely not the best Jodie Foster movie to watch, and I’m glad I didn’t spend 9 bucks to see it at the theater!

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  1. cyberhobo says:

    Still sounds better than Red Eye!