Last night, we had no Netflix movies. So we took a movie out of our VHS collection. It had been awhile since we watched Fargo, and it was great to see it again. One of the best things about Fargo is the character development. The filmmakers kept it simple, Fargo in the wintertime is a blanket of whiteness. The absence of scenery makes the other elements stand out.

Frances McDormand is fantastic, playing a pregnant police chief. She’s brilliant-and is made even more outstanding by the endearing role of her loving artsy hubby. His devotion to her and their future gives the otherwise brutal movie a soft edge, and the viewer a chance to take those deep sighs. The violence of the crimes committed keep escallating, until the fabulously dark yet funny scene with a chipper shredder. By the end of the movie, I am always in awe of this heinous crime, that it actually happened, and how this one woman was able to piece it all together.

One Response to “Fargo”

  1. granite4brains says:

    Great movie! Seen it about a billion times and it’s still good.