Guess the Dish!

Raw Ingredients
For fun, I’m starting a new entry type. The picture above shows the main ingredients for a tasty dish, and you have to guess what it is before you read on…

Potato & Leek Soup
If you guessed Potato & Leek Soup, you win! I first remember having this delicious starter at my sis’-in-law’s wedding. Such a fabulous soup it was, I have ordered it at restaurants several times since.

Cooking Essentials

When I got married, she (Jiji) gave me THE best cooking book “Cooking Essentials” by the Cooking Club of America (Berry & Spieler). If you want the recipe, get it from this book. It has fantastic step by step instructions, and such helpful tips about preparing veggies, meats, and more. I’ve never cut up a leek before-or even thought of buying one-, but with the assistance of this book, it was no problemo!

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