Eva & Lester Wedding Weekend

June Mountain Vista from Ultimate field High Altitude Ultimate-What a Blast! Eva & Lester June Mountain

Eva & Lester Tie the Knot at June Mountain!

They do it in the coolest way possible-by having a destination style wedding in the picturesque setting of the Sierras. From the opening BBQ to the ending hot springs soak & hike, we were razzle-dazzled. The two of them are such a fun pair to be around on any normal weekend, but this weekend, they really kicked it into high gear!

BBQ June Lake Climbergirl drinking Jones-Yummy! Dennis Chats with Bride Eva Juniper the Firedancer-hot stuff!

We started off with a BBQ on June Lake. The mixer was relaxed and casual. Volleyball net on the beach, and discs being tossed around in between courses of beer. Even though we didn’t know everybody, we had fun hanging out and getting to know their family. At the end of the evening, we were treated to a very hip firedancing show by Juniper. Rock ON!!!

Climbergirl says rainbow toesocks help with altitude sickness! The sidelines cheer us on!

The day of the wedding, we awoke to perfect weather. What a great morning for…Ultimate! Of course, the Bride & Grooms most favorite game. Everybody met at the field, just in time for Breakfast burritos and cinnamon buns. It was dang tricky running around at 7265 feet, but we all managed. Lester & Eva both scored points…and there was much rejoicing.

The Bride...looking gorgeous as ever! The Groom...not quite laying out for the disk, but going HO none-the-less!!! Raise the Roof Eva & Lester do the Newleywed Shuffle!

After the game, we all went our separate ways until the wedding started promptly at 3pm. It was a beautiful ceremony, with readings, singings, and many heartfelt words. My favorite part was when the best man reads an exerpt from the Holy Grail, “Bless this thy holy handgrenade”. It had us in stitches!!!

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