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Fright Flight Ultimate Tournament – Ft. Collins, CO

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Dennis & I played ultimate frisbee at Fright Flight in Fort Collins, CO. Our team, Victorious Secret played all day Saturday and for 2 games on Sunday. We were the lowest team in the hardest bracket, which made for challenging play. We managed to have a great time regardless. For pictures, (more…)

CORE Summer League Championship Victory!

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

Climbergirl Laying Out for Disc
Dennis & I played in the CORE Summer League with an ultimate team called Victorious Secret. Get it? Yep, our colors were pink & black. We dominated the field, with exception of one or two teams. It was fun to actually win a tournament, I had never done that before.

Amazingly, Dennis was on a winning team for a *different* league the very next day! Two victories in one weekend. Wow!

Hats Hops Hucks – Sweet 16

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

Pez - courtesy of Nick Sauer Team Spirit, Pez says..."Dispense!" It's Beer-Thirty!
Clare as Strawberry Shortcake Clare bursting her seams on Offense Clare Being Burly on Defense

This weekend, Dennis & I travelled 6 hours by car to beautiful Ben Lomand in the mountains outside of Santa Cruz. Why? It was the 16th birthday of the best hat tournament ever…Hats Hops Hucks turned Saweeet 16. To our surprise, and even though we did not request it, we were slotted on the same team…A little unsettling considering how much we normally bicker if we’re together on the grass.

7 Pez on the Line Ben's Ballet Bid for a Score Dennis digging deep on the turnover

Our team Pez was resillient; while others had 16 or more on their rosters, we were only blessed with 13 players. We were all solid players, and there wasn’t one person who really stole the show. Although we did name Ethan the Most Valuable Pez for his outstanding leaping, constant display of energy, and huge plays all around.

It was really awesome the way we played considering the shortage, and our women rocked. With only 4 on the team, I was not happy when I had to sit the 3rd game out due to horrific cramping in my legs. But my female counterparts kept a stiff upper lip, and totally fought through that game. It was rad.

Ethan Scoops up the Disc Lis Leaping for Plastic...awesome grab! T-bone to Jay, connect the dots la-la-la!

I just love HHH, and I can’t wait for next year. Best tourney of the year, I SAY!

A memorable opponent...Bit O Honey

Eva & Lester Wedding Weekend

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

June Mountain Vista from Ultimate field High Altitude Ultimate-What a Blast! Eva & Lester June Mountain

Eva & Lester Tie the Knot at June Mountain!

They do it in the coolest way possible-by having a destination style wedding in the picturesque setting of the Sierras. From the opening BBQ to the ending hot springs soak & hike, we were razzle-dazzled. The two of them are such a fun pair to be around on any normal weekend, but this weekend, they really kicked it into high gear! (more…)

Ridgecrest Ultimate Suffers Loss

Saturday, April 28th, 2007

Adam & Signed Disc

Yes, that’s right! Ridgecrest Ultimate suffers yet another setback as regular, Adam-the-good-spirited leaves for DC. We get together one last time for some games, and revelry over at George’s.

The PVC Stand, and Peter in the background Mackenzie launching the first game of Horse!

Dennis put together a PVC stand with a square. It cost approximately 6 bucks at Home Depot, yet provided hours of fun for all. We played Horse, just like in Basketball, but with the disc. I’m happy to say I was one of the first people “out”. Of course, Dennis won! (more…)