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Snowshoe Hike – Lost Lake, CO

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

CMC Trailblazers on Lost Lake
CMC Trailblazers on Lost Lake! Totally Fun Group!

I joined the CMC Trailblazers for a nice half day hike up to Lost Lake, near the Hessie Trail Head. I rode with Josh and Erin in the most awesome little Jeep named Ruby. Ruby handles the snowy mountain roads with no problem what-so-ever!

The snowshoe up to Lost Lake was fairly mellow and not all that memorable. What was, however, was visiting the Very Nice Brewery in Nederland, CO, afterwards. They are as the name implies and we had a blast hanging out post hike.


Working From Home

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Stapleton Moon Setting
View of Moon Setting from my Office

Moby Ready to Crunch Numbers
Moby Trying to Help Me Crunch Numbers

Moby Napping in My Office
Moby Napping, Exhausted from the Logistic Regression Exercises

I’ve been working from home now for about half a year and I just love it! In addition to being twice as productive, setting my own pace, conducting research in an environment I can control, and being able to workout when I need to, I get to see what the cats do all day.

It’s actually not all that exciting; it’s mostly sleeping in sunny spots. It is nice to have their company though. There’s nothing like a little lap warming cat purring while you are programming at the computer, on a chilly winter day!

Snowshoe Hike – Herman Gulch Trail Head

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Citadel to Pettingell
Erin and I met at oh-dark-thirty at the Herman Gulch Trail Head. We were planning to snowshoe up to the basin below Citadel and Pettingell. It’s a nice aerobic snowshoe, up a steep gulch, with fabulous views of the mountains. We had a lovely time romping up the trail; happy that we didn’t need the snowshoes until the last hour or so of our hike. We ate lunch at a rocky outcropping which was nicely sheltered from the wind.

The hike was great, but I found out a week later that I left my very expensive red OR mountaineering mittens on a post outside of the bathroom. By the time I realized I lost them, it was undoubtedly too late to recover them.

In tears, I took a trip to REI. The poor guy working in the glove/mitten section had to discern what I was asking for, through my sobs and intermittent blowing of the nose.


Lifestyle Change

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

The new year came and with it, the desire to live a different lifestyle.

We decided we had enough of suburbia. Time to shift into a more “walkable” existence. We really love our house, but we needed more things to do at night and easier opportunities for meeting up with friends (who are scattered all about Denver/Boulder!).

So, we started looking for condos or townhomes downtown. We finally found the perfect townhouse. It’s near the Rockies Ballpark, satisfying all our requirements for central location, easy commuting, active nightlife, etc.

All set to close mid-February, so we just had to wait for everything to run it’s course. Downtown Denver, here we come!