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New Jack City – Trip Report

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Martha & I met at 7am and took off to climb at my favorite chosspile. I drove the Subi down to NJC as we bantered off and on about ourselves. Martha is new to climbing, and has all the nice, but none of the annoying characteristics associated. This was her first real climbing trip, outside of a few field exercises included as part of her attendance in a summer mountaineering class.

I was excited when we showed up and there were no ropes on the Boy Scout Wall. I wanted to start off on BSW so I could watch Martha as she practiced cleaning the anchors & rappelling. By the time we walked over there, a party had just started up one of the routes. No biggy, ropegun Clare jumped on an adjacent climb and started upwards. (more…)

Granite Knob – Trip Report

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

The weather last weekend was a bummer, so Daryl & I set out on Saturday with unfinished business. Granite Knob was our destination. Conquering the rest of the moderate routes was our destiny.

Early in the morning, it was brisk. By the time we roped up, it was a comfortable temperature, with not a cloud in the sky. A falcon soaring over the top of the knob was a sure sign of success to come 8^)

We did the following routes: Vain and Abell (5.8), Nervous Tension (5.8), Right Hand of God (5.8), Scorpion’s Tail (5.8) 2x, and Don’t Leave Home Without It (5.8). Daryl led everything, and I led Scorpion’s Tail with the gear fixed in place. He was teasing me about it a little, but I deserve it…Next time I’ll do it from scratch.

After the 6 pitches, we headed back to the truck for some Gin & Tonics. We toasted to a pristine day of climbing.

Granite Knob – Trip Report

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Granite Knob in the Morning Granite Knob in the Rain

On Labor Day, Daryl and I went climbing up at Granite Knob. It’s about 70 miles from Ridgecrest, much of it down windy mountain roads. We left at 7am and got back early due to afternoon rainshowers. Just as we were getting warmed up, after a measley two routes (Left to Die and Right Hand of God), we had to leave. I took some pictures of the area because there aren’t that many available online.

Climbergirl Top of Granite Knob Daryl on top of Granite Knob
Left To Die 5.8 Vain & Abel goes left, Nervous Tension goes straight up Daryl conquers Scorpion's Tail (5.8)