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Rock Climbing – Flatironette in Boulder, CO

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Clare Smiling on Flatironette Mike Cruising the Flatironette
Clare and Mike Having a Blast on the Flatironette

Andy Cleaning First Pitch of Flatironette
Andy Climbing the Flatironette

Mike, Andy and I climbed the Flatironette in Boulder, CO on Sunday. We had gorgeous weather and it was a super mellow day. It was totally fun hanging out with both of them! I couldn’t wait to meet our Basic Rock School students and take them to this crag. It’s perfect for new climbers.

CMC – Basic Rock School Instructor Review Day

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Andy Demonstrating How To Pass a Knot
The Colorado Mountain Club, Boulder Group offers a Basic Rock School every spring and fall. It is one of the major training opportunities for folks who want to learn how to climb. I assisted with it in the fall and it was generally a pleasurable experience. I really enjoy teaching people how to climb!

CMC Basic Rock School Instructors Spring 2012 CMC Basic Rock School Spring 2012

Prior to the start of class and field trips, we have a session outside. All the instructors and assistants can spend the day reviewing the techniques, communication tips, and familiarizing each other with potential risks of teaching. It’s a wonderful day and I’d say the most valuable experience for an assistant instructor, as you learn the preferred methods of your senior instructor.

Basic Rock School Instructor Review Day

This Spring, I was paired up with Mike and Andy. Boy was I excited, these two guys are loads of laughs but at the same time totally serious about the art and science of climbing!

Trail Running – CMC Doudy Draw and South Mesa Trails

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

In the month of March, I led two fantastic trail runs for the Colorado Mountain Club. Trail running trips were a totally new option for the CMC Boulder Group! I had to write guidelines and get them approved before I could take victims (I mean participants!) out on the trails.

CMC Trail Runners Near Mesa Trail
March 3, 2012 Wayne, Susan, Dough (back row), Clare and Daniel in front row. Great day for a run!

The first run was on the South Mesa Trail at the base of the flatirons, just south of Boulder, CO. We had a small but intrepid group. The wind was fierce, but we all still had a great time.

St Patrick's Day Run
March 17, 2012 Dan & Joan, Dennis & Clare, and Doug about to have a great run!

The second run was up the Doudy Draw, at the mouth of Eldorado Canyon. I really like the Doudy Draw trail because it starts out steep, but as you climb up the draw, the views open up and the way back is a scream!

Weekend in Breckenridge

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Ready to Hit the Slopes
Dan & Joan, Dennis, Crystal & Justin

We had a nice relaxing weekend in Breckenridge. Everybody but me braved the slushy spring conditions out on the slopes. I decided to hang out with the dogs and catch up on my sleep and my blog articles for Peru.

Ode to Shasta

Two Boxers Sharing a Sofa
Odie & Jersey

At night, we all got hooked on the Japanese Ninja Warrior show and ate about 20 pounds of M&Ms. There were also some very heated debates going on in the hot tub…of which Crystal, Alana, and myself purposely ducked out of. I made a really kickin Chili and Justin’s food was just as hearty! We all had a fun time up in the mountains.

Farewell to Justin, may this weekend be a reminder of all the good things in Colorado! Warm cozy spa after boarding followed by a healthy dose of beer and chocolate…We’ll miss you guys when you go to Ohio!