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Annual Waffles and Ski, Snow Mountain Ranch, CO

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Snow Mountain Ranch

Clare & Dennis Snowshoeing at Snow Mountain Ranch
Dennis and I attended the annual Waffles and Ski day up at Snow Mountain Ranch at YMCA of the Rockies. Dan’s waffles were extraordinaire, as always! After the sumptuous breakfast, we broke out into indivual groups to either cross country ski or snowshoe. There was a big snowshoe contingent this year, so we were happy to not be the only ones…Ryan & Erica, Eddie and his friend, Dennis and I. (more…)

Jim Plant Memorial Ski-Orienteering Contest

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Clare and Kelly Get Checkpoint #13
Team Clearly Elk (anagram of Clare and Kelly) braved wintery conditions for the Jim Plant Memorial Ski-Orienteering contest. For those who don’t know, Ski Orienteering is where one skis around a course as fast as one can while reading the map and hitting checkpoints in order.

Jim Plant Memorial Ski Orienteering Contest Map The 10th Checkpoint
The Map and a Checkpoint

It’s a combination of athletic prowess, endurance, map and geography negotiation, and patience. Kelly and I demonstrated all of these attributes over the course of the day. We did not come in last place, so that was nice…but we definitely have a long way to go before we dominate. (more…)

O’Callaghan Tilman Memorial Bridge, Hoover Dam, Nevada

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Clare at the Memorial Bridge
Climbergirl All too excited to see the Dam…

Ron and Rachel at the Memorial Bridge
Ron & Rachel

Foot Dangle, A long Way Down to the Hoover Dam Facilities
Foot Dangle

Hoover Dam from Memorial Bridge

Rachel, Ron, and I took a nice drive to see the Hoover Dam from the new Mike O’Callaghan and Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. We walked across the bridge and I got this really nice foot dangle shot (Thanks to Rachel for taking the picture from above!). (more…)

Day Hike – White Rock La Madre Springs Loop, Red Rocks, Nevada

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Start of White Rock La Madre Springs Loop Hike

I had been meaning to take my annual trip to Vegas, but time was never right. Finally, I decided, I better just make it happen. Although climbing was not to be the main event, this trip! One of my best bud’s, Rachel, is pregnant so I wanted to spend some quality time with her before the little one arrived.

So, instead of climbing, we decided to go for a lovely loop hike at Red Rocks. The White Rock La Madre Springs loop hike is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours! In VFFs, it’s even more fun. Rachel, our friend Erin (also a climber), and I enjoyed an unseasonably warm and windless desert December day.

Erin is getting married soon, so there was also much talk of her wedding plans. What a girrrly hike we had, it was full of delightful discussion-babies and weddings galore! (more…)