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Snowshoe Hike – Bike Path in Frisco, CO

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Clare on the Frisco Bike Path

The Snow is Deep Off the Bike Path

After dropping Dennis off at Copper Mountain, Erin and I went on a nice hike down the Frisco Bike Path. We carry our snowshoes, but never end up needing them as the bike path features packed snow. The temperature was 6 dF when we exit the car, but with wind chill, it is much colder.

We hiked for about 5 miles with very little (if any) elevation gain. The bike path is easy to follow and we pass a lot of people walking their dogs. A nice mellow day, to bring in the new year!


Tenmile Peak 1 (12,933 ft), Frisco, CO

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

CMC Trip Leader Clare on Summit of Tenmile Peak 1
Climbergirl on Summit of Tenmile Peak (12,933 ft)

As part of the Colorado Mountain Club’s 100 year celebration, trip leaders were asked to lead as many trips up the top 100 highest peaks in Colorado. I selected to lead three separate trips, under this Centennial Celebration!

Tenmile Peak Hike - Ladies Only!
CMC Strong Mountain Mamas!

Tenmile Peak Hike - Gents Only
CMC Strong Mountain Men!

On Saturday, I led a trip up Tenmile Peak 1, which was actually a training trip for one of my three Centennial Celebration trips. All the folks hiking Tenmile had the intention of later summitting Pigeon and Turret Peaks.

As the trip leader, I was anxious to see how the personalities would settle and if people would pull together as a team, or if ego’s or differences in hiking speeds would be a problem.


Jim Plant Memorial Ski-Orienteering Contest

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Clare and Kelly Get Checkpoint #13
Team Clearly Elk (anagram of Clare and Kelly) braved wintery conditions for the Jim Plant Memorial Ski-Orienteering contest. For those who don’t know, Ski Orienteering is where one skis around a course as fast as one can while reading the map and hitting checkpoints in order.

Jim Plant Memorial Ski Orienteering Contest Map The 10th Checkpoint
The Map and a Checkpoint

It’s a combination of athletic prowess, endurance, map and geography negotiation, and patience. Kelly and I demonstrated all of these attributes over the course of the day. We did not come in last place, so that was nice…but we definitely have a long way to go before we dominate. (more…)

Cross Country Ski – Frisco Nordic Center

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

On Saturday, Kelly, Mike, and I ventured up into the mountains to take advantage of the fresh powder. We left the Wooly Mammoth Park N Ride at 6:45am, a little on the late side (my bad!). There was an accident, so we didn’t make it to Frisco until nearly 8:30am.

We stopped at the Butterhorn Bakery for a most excellent breakfast. Yum! Kelly was excited as it would be her first day of nordic skiing.

Later, at the Frisco Nordic Center, we geared up for a wonderful day of cross country. Kelly did fabulous and Mike did a great job of coaching technique. We went ~7 miles before we all decided to call it a day! For more pictures: (more…)