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New Jack City – Trip Report

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Awww How Cute...Climbergirl and her Man Walter Runs up Walk in the Park

On Sunday morning, Walter picked Dennis & I up in his ultra comfy Honda CRV. We drove the 2 hours to NJC. They talked about football whilst I nodded off. We reached the crag around 10am. There were a few scattered vehicles there, but our wall “Sunnyside” was void of climbers.

Dennis & Walter before his "Walk in the Park" Walk in the Park A Portrait Pic of Walter

“Woo-hoo, what luck, we’ve got the wall to ourselves!”, we marvelled. However, just as we had finished warming up on the apptly named 5.8 “Walk in the Park”, my fears were realized. Suddenly, a group of 6 climbers and 3 dogs shows up. (more…)