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February 2008

Friday, February 29th, 2008

February was a very busy month. In looking back, all I have to show for the month are two pictures. One is a kickin salad I made for dinner, and the other is of me on the couch with the cats…Enjoy!

Clare IS the Salad Diva Lap Warmers!

I did go climbing, but not outside. I went a few times in a gym Rock’n & JAM’n down in Centennial. It’s a nice gym, normal pricy fees, but a friendly scene and cheerful service. I like the auto belays, I can run laps and Dennis doesn’t have to belay me.

I spent most of the time looking for houses, and eventually found one we both were happy about. There really is so much on the market, that it’s mind blowing.

Our realtor, Sue Smith of Coldwell Bankers,, did a phenomenal job familiarizing us with Denver neighborhoods, providing flexible hours to accomodate our busy life, and really showing us the gamut of possibilities in our price range. She did *not* push us to spend as much as we could (which is something that I find particularly disrespectful). In general, if you want to find a place to live in Denver, and you are going to use a realtor, Sue’s great.