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Clare & Dennis Celebrate 5 Years Together

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

That’s Right Folks! Five years goes by at warp speed when you spend it with somebody as cool as my spouse. I’m so fortunate in my choice of partners…I flew out to Denver for our anniversary and he shows up at the airport with HOT COCOA!!! What a thoughtful thing to do.

Clare & Dennis in Snowy Aurora, CO Dennis all bundled up Clare in Winter Gear Ready for a Walk

Of course, the weather had been beautiful all week, but for me…SNOW! As soon as I unpack, we go for a walk. Dennis thinks I’m nuts, but I’ve been in airports for half the day and I need to get out. He takes me to a local used bookstore, where we spend a couple hours reading, before our chilly & snowy walk home.

Us at Racine's Us at the Acoma Theater in Denver

The next evening, we make plans to go to dinner and a show. I was so happy to find Racine’s, a decent selection of dishes & a happening place to be! After dinner, we went to see a play “For Better” by Eric Coble commissioned by the Curious Theater Company at the Acoma Center. It is a romantic comedy in which the question was posed, “Do the bride and groom really need to be in the same country to go on a honeymoon??. The Cell Phone conversations kept the audience on our toes, and laughing out loud. It was amazing to watch! Truly talented actors, for sure!

Red Rocks – Trip Report

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Clare Red Hot on Red Rocks Red Rocks First Pullout from Pantywall Typical David (the jester) - Typical Rachel (the crankster)

On Thanksgiving, I went climbing with my friends Rachel and David Burns (been way too long since I’ve seen that guy!). It was a little chilly, so we went to the Pantywall. The routes there are all quite fun, and it’s a popular place, so I was mentally prepared to wait in line. My goal was two part – first to have fun climbing and second to enjoy being with my pals.

Rachel Chalking While David is Talking Rachel's Rippling Back Mimics the Red Rock David & Friend Hanging out at Pantywall

Joshua Tree – Trip Report Day 3

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Start of Fote Hog (5.6) is at the tree on the left. Martha happy to have conquered the bulge on Fote Hog Clare at the belay on Fote Hog

On Sunday, I woke up fresh and ready to send. Fote Hog was ours for the taking! We got to the crag, and unfortunately there was a party of 3 parked at the base. They hadn’t even started putting the route up yet. It was pretty obvious they were all beginners-so I figured we’d be waiting for awhile. It was a little chilly, so waiting didn’t bug me.

Martha Topping Out on Fote Hog Top of Fote Hog, looking down on the Thin Wall Clare & Martha: Victory on Fote Hog

I had a fantastic time climbing on Sunday, it seemed I was finally warmed up and ready to attack the rock. Too bad we didn’t have another day there! (more…)

Joshua Tree – Trip Report Day 2

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

J-Tree vista from Mt. Ryan Martha & Clare Striking Poses on top of Mt. Ryan (5,457 ft)

We set out on Saturday to climb Fote Hog (5.6), a two pitch classic. I got to the start of the climb, and for some reason, I started shaking (not nerves!). I tried to eat a little, and we waited for a few minutes, but it wouldn’t stop. Then, I started feeling a little light headed and that was it. I decided to back-off and play it safe. It was Martha’s first multi-pitch climb, and I didn’t want it to turn epic!

Dude Soloing Fote Hog (5.6)

As we were down climbing, a dude walked up wearing sneakers and a day pack. He was really nice, and even helped by spotting me as I downclimbed. (Thank goodness he was there!). We briefly chatted with him, and then he helped himself to the climb. I got video of him soloing, and he was gracious enough to give me beta about the pro! Normally, I wouldn’t want to know, but since there is a tricky traverse, I was happy for the information.

Clare Standing Next to Giant Yucca on top of Mt. Ryan Martha Victorious on the Summit of Mt. Ryan

When we got back to the truck, we had half the day left, so we decided to drive through the park. We stopped at the Mt. Ryan pullout, and hiked up to the highest elevation of J-Tree. I hadn’t done the hike, and Martha was being a good sport, so we were off to summit the peak. Turns out the hike is lovely, there are fantastic views all the way up, and when you get to the top it’s amazing. We got up there about an hour before sunset, although I’d imagine watching the sun go down from up there would be magical.

Joshua Tree – Trip Report Day 1

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Martha in her half of the Yucca Inn room Martha & Clare Happy at J-Tree Why we love J-Tree!!!
Martha & I went to J-Tree for a nice long weekend. We stayed at the Yucca Inn (hoping the hot-tub was working). It was not. We were amped for a fun weekend. It was Martha’s first trip to J-Tree, and I felt responsible to make it a kicka$$ weekend for her. (How could it not be, I mean we were at J-TREE!!!!).

Swiss Cheese (5.6) Martha's first J-Tree climb "Swiss Cheese" Martha Busts a Move on Swiss Cheese (5.6)

On Friday, we woke up to warm temperatures. Shade Climbing for sure! I had hiked up to a wall called the upper Shorter wall, earlier in the year and was thinking we could climb Double Dogleg, among others. The pullout had only two cars, so we figured it wouldn’t be a problem. However, when we got to the wall, there were 10 people camped up there! Waiting/hogging the moderate climbs. Crowds on a Friday, bugger!

Martha's Tiger look on "Swiss Cheese" Martha Glowing after her first J-Tree Climb - Swiss Cheese Clare Champion of Swiss Cheese

In a flash, I whipped out my hefty J-Tree book. With our heads hung in defeat, we headed back to the lower Shorter Wall. I found a nice warm-up climb called Swiss Cheese. It is a mixed climb, some pro down low, then 4 bolts to an anchor. Saweeet. It turned out to be a really fun climb. Martha did great, and was excited for the next climb. The downclimb took a little bit of time, but we made it down in about 15 minutes. (more…)