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Moving Day

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Dennis & Buckwheat in Living Room Clare, happy & tired

On March 28th, Dennis & I moved into our new(ish) home. After searching for 2 months, we were happy to have compromised on a style & type of home. We decided to buy in a planned community. And, as much as I dislike the idea, in the end I think it will work out just fine. We do not want to spend lots of time maintaining a yard, or the house, so this situation is ideal. (more…)

Red River Gorge – Trip Report

Friday, March 21st, 2008

The King Lives On (5.10b) - A good warm up Cool Down on 27 Years of Climbing (5.8)

It had been too long a time since I climbed at the RRG (Red River Gorge), and so I flew back to climb with Barry. We had gorgeous weather on Friday (mid 60s), not so great weather Sat (mid 40s) and contrary weather (low 30s) on Sunday. It was the first time I stayed at True North Outfitters Hostel, instead of the comforts of a private cabin. It turned out a group of folks from MI came down and met Barry & I, and rooming with them was fun.

Clare, Roxanne, Margaret Happy Clare & Jeff Tomfoolery @ Natural Bridge (more…)

Eldorado Canyon – Trip Report

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

The Players: Barry, Mark & Jenny (from Indy), Climbergirl
The Place: Eldo Canyon – Redgarten Wall & Windy Ridge
The Climbs: The Bulge (5.7), Windy Ridge (5.7), Tagger (5.10a), Cest La Vie (5.9+ but more like a 5.10-)!
The Time: 10am-1:30pm

I met Barry & his friends’ Mark & Jenny in Eldo for the day. Barry had to get back to Indy, so we stopped short of a full day of climbing. Mark & Jenny moved on to J-Tree to round out the end of a fabulous road trip. The day started out super cold (29 dF and foggy), and warmed up to just cold (upper 40s). But, the rock was warm to the touch as it had seen morning sun.

Mark Charges up The Bulge Mark working The Bulge (5.7)
Mark Placing Pro on Windy Ridge in Eldo Mark on Windy Ridge (5.7)
Eldo-Windy Ridge-Clare All Smiles Clare on Windy Ridge (5.7)
Eldo-Windy Ridge-Clare Up High Clare High on Windy Ridge (5.7)
Clare on Windy Ridge in Eldo Smiling @ top of Pitch 1 Windy Ridge (5.7)
Eldo-Cest La Vie-Clare Nearing Crux Cest La Vie – Crux
Eldo-Cest La Vie-Clare Approaches AnchorAnchors of Cest La Vie

Shelf Road – Trip Report

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Shelf Road View from Cactus Cliffs
On March 1st, Dennis & I drove down to Shelf Road for a day of fun in the sun. The forecast was for a beautiful day, so we were eager to get outside. It ended up being a half day, as my elbows started hurting around 3pm. Climbing was fantastic (a little chossy), but the routes were fun.

Dennis at Shelf Road

I ended up climbing the following routes at the Dawn Wall: Chompin’ at the Cholla (5.9)**, Six More Bottles of Basco (5.10b)** (2x), and Don’t Be Messin’ with Ma Moves (5.10c/d)** Picture is of me at cleaning the anchors.

Clare at Shelf Road

We got there around 10 am and by then, the crag was packed. There were ropes on virtually every moderate climb. In some areas, people were already waiting in line, reserving their spot in the que with their ropes. (more…)