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Garden of the Gods & AF Chapel

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Marcus & Nick Below Kissing Camels Formation Nick & Marcus Chilling in the Shade of Three Graces

Nick, Clare, and Marcus Strike a Pose at Air Force Chappel

After the indoor rock climbing and a full day of snowboarding at Loveland, the nephews needed a day off. Dennis & I decided to take them down to Colorado Springs to visit Garden of the Gods & the Air Force Chapel.

Marcus, Dennis, and Nick at Three Graces Formation

We listened to Cartalk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! in the car on the way down. They hadn’t heard of these radio shows, and I think they enjoyed listening. I just love Cartalk, and since they work on their motorcycles all the time, I thought they might like it too. (more…)

Holiday Visitors

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Marcus, Clare, & Nick chilling at Rock N Jammin
My Nephews, Nick & Marcus, came to visit for the holidays. We had a busy weekend planned, rock climbing indoors, then snowboarding, and a hike. They are on a holiday break from highschool, and their teenage exhuberance was a welcome change. (more…)

San Antonio, Texas

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Clare in front of The Alamo
Dennis on the Riverwalk
Clare & Dennis on the Riverwalk
I had a training class for a week in San Antonio, Texas. Dennis flew down for a weekend, and we toured the Alamo, downtown San Antonio, and the Riverwalk. We had a most excellent weekend, enjoyed beautiful 70 degree temps, and took in the sights.