Garden of the Gods & AF Chapel

Marcus & Nick Below Kissing Camels Formation Nick & Marcus Chilling in the Shade of Three Graces

Nick, Clare, and Marcus Strike a Pose at Air Force Chappel

After the indoor rock climbing and a full day of snowboarding at Loveland, the nephews needed a day off. Dennis & I decided to take them down to Colorado Springs to visit Garden of the Gods & the Air Force Chapel.

Marcus, Dennis, and Nick at Three Graces Formation

We listened to Cartalk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! in the car on the way down. They hadn’t heard of these radio shows, and I think they enjoyed listening. I just love Cartalk, and since they work on their motorcycles all the time, I thought they might like it too.

We hiked around Garden of the Gods, and I explained to them the theory of Rock Climbing, since there were some climbers out and about. They asked lots of questions, all good ones, such as, “How do you get down?”, “What do you do if somebody falls?”, and “What if your rope is not long enough?”. I found the conversation captivating, and they probably learned way more than they ever wanted to know.

Air Force Chappel The Organ in the Air Force Chappel

The sun was getting low on the horizon, so we piled back in the car and headed over to the AF Chapel. I have heard from people who have been married in it, that it is an inspirational structure. I have also heard that it is unique in it’s construction (using a lot of metal). All this intrigued me, so I thought we should check it out.

By the time we got to the Chapel, it was nearly dark. The cold was setting in, but we had just enough light to make the short walk to the structure. I was amazed, it really is intriguing. I don’t know that I found it inspirational, in the sense of a religious experience, but the geometric design was striking.

We headed home, and the boys fell asleep in the car. I smiled inside because we managed to wear them out over the course of a couple days. Adults -1, Teenagers-0 ! When will there be a rematch?

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