My First Time…

Cross Country Skiing was at Frisco Nordic Center!

A bunch of guys from work enjoy x-country regularily, and invited me along. I met them up in Frisco at 7:30am in the morning. The drive up was a little perilous, after the tunnel, it started snowing and the ice was pretty bad on the road. Luckily, I only had to drive for a few miles in the bad conditions, and by the time I got to Frisco, there was a happy coating of snow over everything.

We met at a cafe, The Butterhorn Bakery in downtown Frisco. I had the cinnamon swirl french toast. It was delicious, except I didn’t really want either the bananas or the blueberries they heaped generously over the top. The guys were happy to help me eat those…

So, it was Dan & Martia F., Dan M., Mike, and myself. When we arrived at the Nordic center and I got my boots & skis. I was so excited to be trying something new, and they gave me some tips in the cabin. We set out to ski around 9am.

We mostly stayed together, and the pace was comfortable. Dan M. is in superior shape, so he kinda skiied around us in circles. The snow fell occasionally, and the tracks were pretty fresh. I really enjoyed the rhythm and the gliding feeling. Although, going down the steep hills was a little nervewracking, I only had two major wipeouts.

Once, I was attempting to go faster, so I leaned way too far over my toes. I forgot that my heals were not secured in the ski, so I went head over heels. It wasn’t bad though, because there was plentiful snow acting as a cushion.

We skiied until around 1:00pm, and then we had lunch. It had gotten warmer out, and the sun was shining. I think the high was around 20 degrees, but it felt superb. The view of the lake was also pretty, although it was kinda hiding underneath a blanket of snow.

I really enjoyed x-country skiing. I liked the cameraderie, the constant motion, and the rhythm. It was a fabulous workout, and I came back to Denver all excited at finding something strenuous & fun for the winter months!

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