Holiday Visitors

Marcus, Clare, & Nick chilling at Rock N Jammin
My Nephews, Nick & Marcus, came to visit for the holidays. We had a busy weekend planned, rock climbing indoors, then snowboarding, and a hike. They are on a holiday break from highschool, and their teenage exhuberance was a welcome change.

Marcus Strikes a Pose at Rockin N Jammin Nick Scaling the Rope at Rockin N Jammin

We picked them up from the airport, and then whisked them away to Rockin N Jammin. They had not been climbing ever, and I thought the indoor gym would be a good place to take them. (Since it was now dark outside, and probably only 30 degrees!).

Marc & Nick in Rockin N Jammin Nick up High at Rockin N Jammin

They took to it really fast. Both of them are agile and have lots of energy…they do motorcross at home, so the exposure really didn’t bother them. I enjoyed watching them learn to climb. They both have very different body types, but did a fantastic job of using their advantages.

We climbed for a couple hours, and then they were getting worn out. It was definitely time for dinner, as our stomachs were grumbling. Dennis & I had agreed ahead of time to surprise them with an ethnic experience. We took them to our favorite Korean BBQ place, Han Kang’s…in Aurora.

Marcus, Nick, Clare, Dennis @ Han Kang Korean BBQ

They poked fun at the odd side dishes that were served, and I tried to get them to eat the cold egg. It was a filling and hot meal, both in temperature and spice.

Nick & Marcus About to Rob a Bank
We then headed home, we planned on snowboarding the next day, so we tried to go to bed early.

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