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Christmas 2007

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Clare with Christmas Loot Dennis Measures the snowfall

Being new to Colorado, we both were excited when we woke up to 6 inches of white stuff. No, not powdered sugar! It was snowing outside. What a huge contrast to Christmas in Ridgecrest (probably mid 50s with blue sky!).

We opened our presents and the cats enjoyed the wrapping paper. After calling all our family, we decided to go for a snowshoe hike around the block. I bought the snowshoes a year ago, but we had never used them. So, after sitting dormant for 365 days, we broke them out-took the tags off-and ventured outside.

It was gusty, and the snow was being blown around. The walk turned into a hike, as we wandered much deeper into suburbia than initially planned. Folks were mostly staying indoors, but there were a few brave souls driving around-probably on an errand for milk or something! In anycase, we waved hi to passing motorists and they just looked back as if we were crazy.

All in all, it was a happy Christmas-even though we missed being with our families.

Day Trip – Chautauqua Park Snow Hike in Boulder

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Chautauqua Park Parking Lot in Boulder Holly Trail Running Clare Trying to Keep Up With Holly

On Friday, Holly & I packed our winter gear in the car and headed up to Boulder for some hiking around the Flatirons. It was a gorgeous day in Denver, but in Boulder it was a snowing and there was dense cloud cover. We parked the Subi, and headed down the Chautauqua Reservoir Road, and then onto trails of the Boulder Mountain Park.

Snow Laden Fence, Chautauqua Park, Boulder Artistic Shot By Holly, Chautauqua Park, Boulder Liquid Diamonds in Moss, Chautauqua Park, Boulder

Holly took almost all the pictures you see here-and most of the good pictures on our trip out to Denver. She really has an eye for art! (more…)

Day Trip to Estes Park

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Holly & Clare in the Lumpy Ridge Parking Lot Clare in front of the Twin Owls at Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park Clare Being Silly at Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park

I promised Holly that if we got to Denver early, then we’d drive up to Estes Park. We did, so on Thursday, we drove up to Estes Park. We met Holly’s longtime friend Lorna who runs an Art Gallery. I really loved these clam shaped soup bowls made out of ceramic, and painted accordingly. They were so realistic and neat. I wanted to buy them, but since we are living out of boxes it was not good timing.

Holly at Lumpy Ridge, Estes Park Clare smiles in front of Sundance Buttress, Estes Park Emily, Holly, & Lorna at Kind Coffee, Estes Park

Lorna & Holly got all caught up, and then Lorna told us about the trailhead for the Lumpy’s-how it’s moved. After we got directions, and had finished chatting, we jumped in the car and headed over to the Lumpy’s. It was a very cold afternoon-the temps were around 30 and snow came down intermittently as we walked. The winter greyness did not obscure the beauty of the place. There is something special about the woods around Estes! (more…)

Relocation to Denver – Day 4

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

A Small Section of Wall Street crag in Moab Roadside Climbing at it's best! We Made Friends in Moab

Holly & I woke up to sub-freezing temperatures. She took an early morning stroll while I slept in. Around 10 am we headed out, stopping in on this rad cafe in downtown Moab. I got a bagel sandwhich-jalepeno cheese & egg on a wheat bagel. YUMMY. We were at the crag, Wall Street around 11am. The sun had barely started warming the rock. It was freezing to the touch, not to mention inside the crack! We walked up and down the wall, with the guidebook.

Clare Working the Bottom Crux on "30 Seconds Over Potash" Wall Street, Moab Clare Resting on "30 Seconds Over Potash", Wall Street crag in Moab Clare Fancy Footwork on "30 Seconds Over Potash", Wall Street crag Moab
Holly Tops out on "30 Seconds Over Potash" 5.8 at Wall Street, Moab Holly Rapping Off "30 Seconds Over Potash" Wall Street crag in Moab

Relocating to Denver – Day 3

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Buckwheat & Moby Riding in the Camper Woo-hoo, 75mph!  If only my truck could go that fast loaded down! Amazing Desert Sandpiles!

On Day Three of our trip, we drove from St. George to Moab, UT. We woke up at a nice time, had breakfast. The Holiday Inn outside of St. George is super nice, and they are definitely pet friendly. The night before we had used the hot tub, which felt great on our backs & sore climbing muscles.

I took a few pictures of the scenery as we passed through Utah. It really is beautiful country, and the truck did okay at the mountain passes we had to negotiate. We shifted into 3rd on occasion, but mostly we were in 4th cruising along just fine over the slightly icy roads.

The Uiuntas Off in the Distance-Majestic Clare Overlooking Moab on Holly's Old Favorite Running Route

The day went by fast, we talked most the way. We both were tired of talking by the time we got to Moab (1 hour before sunset). We checked into our hotel and then immediately went for a hike with the last tidbit of daylight left.