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Rock Climbing, Clear Creek Canyon, CO

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

**************Special Note****************
This is my 100th climbing blog entry. Just an FYI.

Clare, Barry, & Aika at Wall of the 90s

On May 31st, Barry, Aika, and I climbed at Wall of the 90s in Clear Creek Canyon. After a day of spectacular climbing in Eldo, we were ready to experience the bolt clipping frenzy of Clear Creek!

We wound through Clear Creek Canyon, searching for the right pullout, sipping coffee and yakking about routes. On the way, we saw caution tape and the police. We found out later, from some locals, there was a drowning. Rumor had it that they discovered a dead body floating down the creek. I don’t know if it was true…but it sure was an ominous start to our day!

Clare & Aika Scoping Out Wall of the 90s

Barry Belaying at Wall of the 90s, Clear Creek

Wall of the 90s - Left Side of Crag

Barry & Aika Leave Wall of the 90s

The Wall of the 90s is an easy hike from the car, up a steep enbankment, and just off of Clear Creek. I liked the location because it was shady in the morning and sunny in the afternoon, since it was a bit chilly out, the sun was nice in the pm. (more…)

Rock Climbing, Eldorado Canyon, CO

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

On May 30th, I climbed in Eldorado Canyon with Barry, Aika, and Jim. Barry & Aika were off to do The Yellow Spur (5.10a), while Jim and I went on a tour of moderates:
Breezy (5.6) – Jim led
Wind Ridge (5.8) – I led
Whale’s Tail (5.6) – Jim led.
The weather was perfect, with a teeny tiny spitting of rain in the pm. Refreshing!

Here’s Barry & Aika, about to run up Yellow Spur:
Barry & Aika in Eldorado Canyon

Victory Shot of Aika on Yellow Spur (5.10a)
Aika Yellow Spur (5.10a)

Here’s Jim & I goofing off:
Jim & Clare Being Goofy in Eldo

Rock Climbing, Diablo Canyon, NM

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Diablo Canyon Dylan Finishes Onsight of Class Act (5.10****)

On May 25th, we woke up, and had breakfast. Everybody packed up their items, and there was a search for sleeping bag bags. Since we were all camped out in the condo, several bags got misplaced. It was amusing. (more…)

Diablo Canyon, Santa Fe, NM

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Clare & Dennis at Pullout for Diablo Canyon
On May 24th, we got up and headed out for Diablo Canyon. We left for the crag in two cars, here’s to carpooling! Ann, Dylan, Kate, Mark, and Olivia piled into one Subi while Doug, Zack, Dennis & I piled into another. In about 30 minutes, we were off pavement and winding around gravel corners on the way to the canyon. (more…)

Tres Piedras, NM…Rained Out

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

On May 23rd, we all woke up early. The sun was out for the time being, and everybody seemed hopefull for climbing. Breakfast was served, with a side of thought provoking conversation (What can I say, I love this group!). Chitter chatter covered a variety of topics-including favorite recent books read, inlaws, and camping gear.

Note: Dennis & I were especially fond of Doug’s Coleman folding table with a rolled metal top. Super cool!

Ann Climbing a Tree at Tres Piedras Taken by Kate
Cold & Damp Tres Piedras Taken by Doug
Hiking at Tres Piedras Taken by Ann