Rock Climbing, Diablo Canyon, NM

Diablo Canyon Dylan Finishes Onsight of Class Act (5.10****)

On May 25th, we woke up, and had breakfast. Everybody packed up their items, and there was a search for sleeping bag bags. Since we were all camped out in the condo, several bags got misplaced. It was amusing.

I was hoping to climb for half a day, before Dennis & I had to head back up to Denver. The half day we climbed the previous day was not sufficient. So, Dylan was a nice host, and took us out for a second day at Diablo Canyon. The rest of the crew headed out for some traditional green chile breakfast food.

The weather was perfect. FINALLY!

Dennis & Dylan at Early Wall
We arrived at the Early Wall Crag. We climbed Drunk Rednecks with Golf Clubs (5.8). It was a good warm-up, and not an obvious climb. The hand holds are all just a wee bit different than what you expect, which I think adds an extra dimension to the climb.

After the warm up, we went in search of a climb Dylan had is eye on…Class Act (5.10a****). We found it, and Dylan charged upward.

Here’s Dylan clipping the first bolt:
Dylan Starting Class Act (5.10****)

Here’s Dylan at about Halfway:
Dylan on Class Act (5.10****)

A Tricky Move:
Dylan Contortionist on Class Act (5.10****)

Climbergirl at the Start of Class Act:
Clare Cranking Class Act (5.10****)

Can you say, “High Step”?
Clare High Stepping Bottom Crux on Class Act (5.10****)

Happy Times!
Clare Past the First Crux on Class Act (5.10****)

After doing these couple climbs, we realized we were just about out of time. So sad to have to leave early! But, we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us, and we had to get back to our cats.

This is what they like to do when we leave them alone for a long weekend:
The Cats Were Left Alone 4 Days...

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