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Rock Climbing – Seal Rock East Face (5.4), Boulder, CO

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Flatirons in Spring

Great Day on Seal Rock!
Seal Rock is Fun!

Relieved to Be Touching Down
The Sea of Joy Rappel is a thrill!

On a fine spring day, Jane and I decide to have an adventure and climb Seal Rock. The East Face is a classic climb and goes at 5.4. It has a 45 minute approach hike, which is sure to warm up the circulation as there is ~800 ft of gain from the parking lot. The climb is typical flatiron sandstone with some sections of run out. Bring lots of slings (I had 17 shoulder sized slings and 2 double lengths) to reduce rope drag. Also, I suggest doubles of #1 and #2 sized BD cams, for anchors. I brought a #3 and a #4, but I’d say the #4 is optional.

Start Hiking: 6:50am
Start Climbing: 7:50am
Finish Climbing: 12:20pm
Done with Rappel: 1:20pm
Finish Hiking: 2:50pm


Rock Climbing, Self Rescue Class

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Self Rescue Practice Day in the Rain/Snow
Instructors ready to begin self rescue session. I’m the one in the green poncho!

RMR Instruction
I’m in the red parka, “rescuing” Andy.

Andy Rescuing Clare
Here’s Andy, “rescuing” me!

On Saturday, I attended a rock climbing self rescue class, hosted by members of the Rocky Mountain Rescue. A major benefit to teaching Basic Rock Climbing School with the Colorado Mountain Club is being able to attend this whole day practice session. Prior to teaching Basic Rock Climbing, I would have to pay a guide to take me out and review these skills. Now, I get to review the skills in the setting of other rock climbing instructors without having to pay a ton of money.

Thanks to the RMR rescue guys who volunteered their time to hold this session! Every year, I retain more and more of the techniques!

Mountaineering – Dallas Peak (13,809 ft)

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Blue Lake and Mt. Sneffels Panorama from Dallas Peak
Blue Lake and Mt. Sneffels Panorama From North Side of Dallas Peak

Fortunately, it did not rain over the course of the night. Maybe we would have dry 5th class climbing!

Dallas Peak Topo Map With Waypoints
Our Route with Waypoints

At 4am, Uwe made the rounds, making sure everybody was awake. In complete darkness, I emerged from the tent. Everybody was ready and excited. Would this be our lucky day?


Mountaineering – Backpack To Base of Dallas Peak

Friday, August 1st, 2014

High Camp Below Dallas Peak at 11,340 ft
My Cozy Campsite, at 11,340 ft

Dallas Peak Shrouded in Clouds
View of Dallas Peak from Camp

I am a planner. I spend countless hours pouring over details; analyzing and collecting data about mountains. Executing a carefully planned trip to the point of success is a thrill like none other!

However, this summer, I missed an opportunity, big-time!

I was in Ouray and Telluride 7/23-7/27. Then, I drove home to Denver. Five days later, I returned to the San Juans! Why didn’t I just *stay down there*? To suffer an extra 16 hours driving in the car; when I could have been climbing mountains instead…HOW could I miss something so obvious???


Mountaineering – Teakettle Mountain (13,819 ft), Ouray, CO

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Teakettle Mountain from Coffeepot
Teakettle Mountain from Coffeepot. The dark gash in the mountain is the Black Gully!

Clare and Potosi Peak
Climbergirl and Potosi Peak

Ever since climbing Mt. Sneffels, in July of 2013, I had a desire to climb the two centennial 13’ers flanking it. To the west of Sneffels, Dallas Peak stands guard while to the east, there’s Teakettle Mountain. Both captured my imagination and so I must climb them!

Bruce the Champion of Teakettle Mountain
Trip Leader, Bruce, on the summit of Teakettle Mountain

When I saw Bruce’s trip posted on the CMC website, I called him immediately. We had a pleasant conversation and we agreed to meet in a climbing gym, prior to the trip. The last section of Teakettle Mountain involves 5th class climbing; so it’s important people understand rope management, basic knots, safety, and climbing. Them gym meet-up went well, so the trip was on!

Trip Participants: Bruce (Leader), Tom, Frank, Meredith, Lisa, Helen, and I

Our Progress:
Leave Yankee Boy Basin TH: 5:10am
Base of Coffeepot: 7:40am
Base of Black Gully: 8:10am
Above Black Gully: 8:25am
Base of 5th Class Pitch: 9:10am
Start Climbing: 9:15am
Finish Climbing: 10:45am
Below Black Gully: 11:30am
Started Awful Scree Descent (We went down the direct route, not up/over Coffeepot ledge): 11:45am
Finished Awful Scree Descent: 12:40pm
Return Yankee Boy Basin TH: 1:30pm