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Mountaineering – Fletcher Mountain (13,951 ft) via Southwest Ridge

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Fletcher Mountain Naptime

Beth and Kurt on Top of Fletcher Mountain

Fletcher Mountain Track
On Saturday, I climbed Fletcher Mountain with Kurt and Beth. We had spent the night up in Frisco, which made the start of the day much more enjoyable. The forecast was looking good, if a bit windy, so I was looking forward to the challenge.

I had tried to reach Fletcher twice before in the winter, from the other side, via Drift. Both other times we had to turn back, so I was hoping that this route would pay off. I left my camera at home, so thanks to Beth for posting all her pictures online and sharing them! (more…)

Mountaineering – Lackawanna Peak (13,823 ft)

Sunday, February 8th, 2015

Lackawanna Peak Summit Picture
Clare, Tom, and Frank on the summit of Lackawanna Peak

Climbing South Slopes of Lackawanna
At ~12,000 ft on the direct south slope of Lackawanna

Tom Climbing Lackawanna
Tom climbing the lower slopes of Lackawanna. You can see hwy 82 below him.

Lackawanna Peak Topographic Map and Waypoints
The Route and GPS Waypoints

Good times were had by Tom, Frank, and Clare on the Lackawanna legburner route, which was climbed on Sunday. The 4 mile round trip journey featured 3,450 feet of gain! It took us 6 hours to get up the peak (mainly due to the deep snow over the first half of the route) and 4 hours to get down. I was very thankful to Frank, who both supplied the pictures and drove us there!


Mountaineering – Pt 13,811 and Pt 13,832 – San Juan Mountains, CO

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Panorama From Williams Creek Trail
Lovely Fall Day in the San Juans!

Napping on Pt 13811
Time for a rest on the summit of Pt 13,811!

Clare in the San Juan Mountains
On my way to Pt 13,832 (Thanks to Frank for such an awesome picture!)

Frank on Pt 13832
Frank standing proud on Pt 13,832.

Pt 13811 and 13832 Topo Map with Waypoints
Our Route!

After my 20+ mile run, I took a rest day with Dennis in Leadville. We enjoyed a leisurely morning and used the dry sauna at the hotel. Then, we went to the Museum of Mining. Dennis used to work for MSHA and I really enjoy geology, so it was pretty fun.

Later in the day, we met up with Frank in Buena Vista. I hopped in Frank’s car and Dennis headed home. Frank and I then drove to the San Juans to join the 14ers Fall Gathering. We were excited to meet some other mountain enthusiasts and our goal was to climb “The Points” which are two centennial 13ers just outside of Lake City. (more…)

Mountaineering – Crystal Peak (13,852 ft) and Bonus 13ers

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Zach Clutching the Spine of Father Dyer
Zach Clutching the Spine of Father Dyer

Smiles on Crystal Peak Summit
Zach, Beth, and Clare on Crystal Peak

Crystal Peak and Peak 10
Crystal Peak and Peak 10, taken from Father Dyer

Father Dyer, Crystal, and Peak 10 Topo Map with Waypoints
Our loop hike of Crystal Peak Cirque

In the Colorado Scrambles book, Mr. Cooper touts the climb of Father Dyer as, “a good introduction to the “art” of scrambling, offering some exposed but not sustained climbing and even a bit of loose rock to initiate the budding scrambler.”.

The climb of Father Dyer’s East Ridge sounded like a super fun way to climb Crystal Peak; a Centennial 13er just waiting to be ticked off our lists. Beth’s brother, Zach, is quickly building his scrambling repertoire, so this was a great route for honing his skills. By throwing in Peak 10 (13,633 ft), the #178 ranked Bicentennial as a bonus, we expanded the size of our loop hike and had a real feeling of accomplishment by completing the cirque. (more…)

Mountaineering – California Peak (13,849 ft) and Bonus 13ers!

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

California Peak Topo Map Waypoints
Our loop hike on California Peak!

Clare Smiling in the Sangres
Clare on the summit of Bicentennial Pt 13,660

Frank on Summit of California Peak
Frank on the summit of California Peak

After having to cancel my CMC trip for Mt. Meeker, due to heinous weather, I was left with a blank slate weekend.

What should I do? So many mountains to climb…how do I decide?

At the height of my mountain frenzy, I get an email from Frank and he suggests California Peak. Neither of us have done it, he’s been to the area and is willing to drive, we can car camp and don’t have to get up early, it’s…Perfect!