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Mountaineering – Humboldt Peak (14,064 ft)

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Charlie's Angels on Humboldt Peak
Jane and I do our impression of Charlie’s Angles. The Third Angel took a hike!

Happy on Humboldt
David and Jane on the summit of Humboldt Peak.

Humboldt Peak East Ridge Topographic Map
Topographic Map of Humboldt Peak

The rest of the state was being pummeled by strong winds, snowstorms, and laden with avalanche hazards. David, Jane, and I were looking for some place to go where we could safely summit a peak and it seemed the Crestones might just be the solution.

Jane has already climbed all the 14ers, but when there is opportunity to climb one in winter, she’s game! And, since I had not done Humboldt before, it looked like a great idea. I booked a room for the three of us in the tiny town of Crestone; so on Friday we drove down and arrived at bedtime. We made some tea and gathered our gear for the next day.

Would the mild forecast hold out? Would we make the summit? With a half marathon distance and over 5,400 ft of gain, it was bound to be a long day! What would the snow be like; would it be post hole madness or nice consolidated crunching?


Mountaineering – California Peak (13,849 ft) and Bonus 13ers!

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

California Peak Topo Map Waypoints
Our loop hike on California Peak!

Clare Smiling in the Sangres
Clare on the summit of Bicentennial Pt 13,660

Frank on Summit of California Peak
Frank on the summit of California Peak

After having to cancel my CMC trip for Mt. Meeker, due to heinous weather, I was left with a blank slate weekend.

What should I do? So many mountains to climb…how do I decide?

At the height of my mountain frenzy, I get an email from Frank and he suggests California Peak. Neither of us have done it, he’s been to the area and is willing to drive, we can car camp and don’t have to get up early, it’s…Perfect!


Mountaineering – Ellingwood Point and Blanca Peak, Sangre De Cristo Wilderness, CO

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Knife Edge of Ellingwood Point?
Doug Climbing the Southwest Ridge of Ellingwood Point

Doug and Clare Summit of Ellingwood Point
Summit of Ellingwood Point (14,042) after climbing the Southwest Ridge.

Blanca Peak Headstand (14,345 ft)
Summit of Blanca Peak (14,345 ft) after traversing the Northwest ridge from Ellingwood Point.

Lake Como Road - 3 hrs of Hiking - Lake Como!
Lake Como and the eponymously named “Road”, left of frame. If you’re having trouble seeing the road, because of the boulders, it’s because the road *is* the boulders!

For an excellent recap of the Lake Como Road, I entreat you to watch the following awesome video, by Rockfrogs 4WD Club. These guys demonstrate extreme skill maneuvering their tricked out trucks up that road! It is one of the most challenging roads in our country, and they manage to get their trucks past Lake Como, all the way up to Blue Lakes. Amazing!

On Friday, Doug and I drove from Denver to the Lake Como Trailhead, were delayed by a train for 20 minutes on the way there, hike up the arduous Lake Como Road, scope out the start of the climb, and then set up base camp at Blue Lakes.

Saturday we tackle the Southwest Ridge of Ellingwood Point, traverse to Blanca Peak along the Northwest Ridge of Blanca, climb Blanca Peak, descend to base camp, pack up, hike back to the truck, and drive back to Denver.

It takes us approximately 24 hours to complete our mission, from the time we leave the truck until the time we return. The trip was hectic and frustrating at times; but supremely rewarding and gratifying, as well. We travelled roughly 15 miles with 6,500 ft of gain.

If the Southwest Ridge of Ellingwood Point were more easily accessible, it would be completely plastered with scramblers every day! The rock on this ridge is of high quality and, for the most part, secure. The position of the route and the exposure produces an extremely enjoyable route! Do IT!

Thank you to skier25, who posted a fabulous trip report, with pictures, of the Ellingwood Point – Southwest Ridge on!