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Uncle Bob & Family in Flatrock

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Dennis’ Uncle Bob has been feeling quite under the weather, so we took a quick weekend trip to Flatrock, Michigan. There were severe thunderstorms mere minutes after our arrival, but the flight was fine. It was nice to visit family, meet some new cousins, and see the elementary school Dennis attended.

Dennis Grade School Flashback

Here are some pictures of the MI family 8^) Aunt Jean was so gracious to have everybody over throughout the weekend, it was great to meet everybody. Also, the tasty treats she put out were amazing. I must have eaten pounds of cookies! Love love love those nutty caramel sweet cakes.
Smile...MI, NV, & CA in da House

We hung out with hunky cousin Darren for a few hours. The guys had some fun playing pool and reminiscing. It was so cool to see the pictures of how Darren & family remodelled the huge garage into a living space. We were also impressed by the cigarette boat that Darren has…and even more about how fast he drives that thing-90 mph on water! Sounds like fun!!!
Darren, Dennis, & Dad

Tuolumne Meadows – 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana (Regular Route)

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

Guide Chris Ecklund Ready to Attack 5th pitch of 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana-Climbergirl sending the steepest & final pitch in style Chris Looks Back on 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana

Mt. Dana masked by forrest fire smoke Mt. Dana in the Afternoon...much better!

Regular Route of 3rd Pillar starts behind the flake Start of 2nd Pitch-3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana Chris setting 3rd belay-3rd Pillar Mt. Dana

Looking Down from 3rd belay of 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana Normally, Mono Lake would be visible from here!

4th Belay-Looking South-came up the 5.6 squeeze chimney behind me View Northward - 4th belay of 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana

Clare all smiles at 5th belay of 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana Climbergirl Runs up 5th Pitch of 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana About to top out on 3rd Pillar of Mt. Dana - What a great climb!

Tuolumne Meadows – Zee Tree Variation

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Tuolumne Meadows at Sunset Climbergirl at Tuolumne Meadows Climbergirl & Desert Solitaire in front of Zee Tree on Pywiack

Sunday night, I rolled into Tuolumne Meadows around dinner time. After setting up my truck at the site, eating my scrumptious fish tacos from the Lee Vining gas station, I took an early morning stroll through the meadows. Tonight would be the Perseid Meteor shower, and I was looking forward to staying up late to watch natures entertainment.

As I was reading over the multitude of Yosemite pamphlets they give you for your park fee, a dubious looking vehicle pulls ever so slowly into the vacant adjacent space. I watch unobtrusively as my new neighbor cautiously starts unpacking his stuff. The back of his car is full of stuff, and I notice there is not much free real estate left on the backside for stickers. Some of them make me smile, “I Love Mountains” for instance. (more…)