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US Space & Rocket Musuem

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Atlas Rocket US Space & Rocket Center Voyager Climbergirl, Moonscape, and Atlas Rocket

On Friday, after visiting HP40, I had a date with Telemetry scientist Brooks Moore. Mr. Moore, handsome at 80, was a fantastic host. He gave me a personal tour of the musuem, adding personal vignettes as we walked around the compound.

I learned a great many things about our early space program. He shared his views on working for Werner Von Braun, under the Kennedy administration. He said that no dollar was spared. Research was of utmost importance. While I’m insanely jealous of scientists during that time period, I’m also amazed at their achievements. Just look at the size of these rockets! To be standing directly under the rockets is breathtaking. (more…)

Horse Pens 40 – Bouldering Mecca of the South

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

HP40 Signage on route 231 HP40 Signage and kiosk HP40 Climbergirl Buzzing up Wasp V2

I was in Huntsville, AL on business. After my last meeting, I drove down to HP40 (1.5 hours drive south of Huntsville). For a few years now, I’ve been reading in the mags about how crazy fun HP40 is, the sheer number of boulders, and the wicked topouts. I was so excited to be there, and to be walking around on SUCH A GORGEOUS DAY. (more…)

New Jack City – Trip Report

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Paul on Fun In The Sun 5.9 Walter stemming Fun In The Sun 5.9 Clare New Climbergirl at base of FITS 5.9

The Climbers: Walter, Paul, and yours truly
The Crags: Sunnyside, Raven Rocks, Boy Scout Rock
The Climbs: Fun In The Sun (5.9) & Gold Finger (5.10c)
Decaf (5.10a??) & Tough Choices (5.10c)
Make A Way (5.10b), & Reaching Rayane (5.9)
The Crowd: Three other dudes from LA
The Clouds: A Teensy Wee Bit
The Clothes: T-Shirts & 3/4 length pants OR tube tops & daisy dukes!

On Friday, I drove Charlie out to Inyokern to meet up with Walter. I took my time getting ready, I wanted to look good for the camera 8^) So, I braided my hair and put on my green Munchkin outfit including my new Dr. Jungle tank top. I was redpoint ready. (more…)

New Jack City – Trip Report

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Mike F. & Walter Roping up for Fun In The Sun Climbergirl & Hunky Hubby Belay Slave Rod & Mike NM Ropeguns

The Climbers: Walter, Mike F., Clare, Dennis, Rod & Mike (both from New Mexico).
The Crags: Sunnyside & Boy Scout
The Climbs: Walk In The Park (5.8), Gold Finger (5.10c), Red Hot (5.12a), Fun In The Sun (5.9), Chick Flakey (5.10c) & Dog Ate the Homework (5.10a), Midway (5.10c), Make A Way (5.10b), Three Giant Steps (5.10a), Reaching Rayane (5.9).
The Crowd: NONE
The Clouds: Scattered
The Clothes: Tee Shirts & Pants (although we wished we had shorts).

I met Rod at a training class a few years back. I’ve been chatting with him about coming out to Cali to climb-along with his coworker Mike. We were finally able to put all that talk behind us, and GET ON SOME ROCK! Heck Yeah. (more…)