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Rock Climbing – North Face Center and Empor, Cob Rock

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Clare on North Face Center (5.7) Clare Leading Cob Rock North Face Center (5.7)

Climbergirl & Barry Top of Pitch 1 - Cob Rock

Clare Nearing Top Of Cob Clare Leading Pitch 2 North Face Center (5.7)

Barry and I climbed at Cob Rock in Boulder Canyon. I led North Face Center. Then, he led the first pitch of Empor and I did the 2nd pitch. We ended the day on Huston Crack-which he expertly led. I only had one number 4 cam…so he walked that bad boy up that crack as far as he dared. It was fun on Top Rope, but I’d want a lot larger (and more) big pro before trying it on lead!

Mt. Yale (14,196 ft) – Day Hike

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Barry, Josie, and I did a wonderful loop hike of Mt. Yale. We started at Avalanche Gulch Trailhead, at 5am. Climbed up the gulch to a saddle at 11,900 ft; arriving at 7:45am.
Sign Pointing to East Ridge of Yale
We exited the saddle, saying goodbye to the CO Trail, and made our way up the East ridge of Mt. Yale.

Mt. Yale Loop Hike Elevation Profile

Mt. Yale Loop Hike Topo

Summit of Mt. Yale - Group Shot
Along the ridge, Barry traveled a little bit ahead, scouting the best way to navigate various piles of rocks. Sometimes we went right, sometimes left, and sometimes directly over the top! It was nice to have the short wave radios, so we could easily communicate. (more…)

Rock Climbing – Vampire and Avalon Crags, Boulder Canyon

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Barry on Wheel of Fortune (5.10b) Josie Climbing That's Weak (5.10a)

We had an adventurous day in Boulder Canyon. We navigated two Tyroleans, scrambled up mystery climbs, used “group think” to solve cruxes, and dropped off some shoes to RockNResoles (even though the sign said they were closed, they let me in and took my money…WOO-HOO!). Climbing gods were kind to us as we had great weather, no gear issues, no injuries, no safety problems, and no annoying babies or dog mishaps. (more…)

Geeks Who Drink

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Dan, Dennis, and Justin at Trivia Night
Dan, Dennis, and Justin at Trivia

Justin & Crystal - Trivia Night
Justin and Crystal Kickin Couple!

Katie The Best Trivia Hostess EVER
Katie, Our Quizmaster!

Josie, Barry, Clare at Trivia Night
Josie, Barry, and Clare

Barry & Josie flew in from Indianapolis and Lexington for a week of rock climbing and hiking. They joined the trivia gang at the weekly pub trivia session. We had a blast, trying to answer questions whilest downing cold ones. On a lovely summer night, what could be more fun?!?

ACL Surgery

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Dennis Post ACL
Dennis had ACL Surgery on July 14. He hurt it 2 days after we got back from Scotland. After a barrage of tests, it was determined surgery was his best bet.

Dennis Post ACL Shopping at Target
He has since had the surgery and is making a strong recovery! Our friend, Jen, loaned us a Cryo Cuff, which is God’s Greatest Gift to those with knee injuries! We are super thankful to have this device as it has really helped. THANKS, JEN!