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Rock Climbing – West Face (5.5), Castlerock, Boulder Canyon, CO

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

Basic Rock School Grad Day Success!
Basic Rock Climbing School Graduation Day

A couple weeks ago, we took Shawn and Jack up Stairway to Heaven, for their Basic Rock School Graduation Climb. Now it was Stacey, JJ, and Sean’s turn for their graduation climb. Mike decided we should go to Castle Rock in Boulder Canyon as the West Face would be a fun route for all. It’s 2 pitches to the top of the formation and a couple of rappels down. From the top, there are really awesome views of the canyon and Boulder creek.


Rock Climbing – Happy Hour Crag – CMC

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Alex Finishing Twofers (5.8)
Alex At the Top of Twofers

On my flex Friday, I took a group of CMC folks out rock climbing. Brenda was my trusty co-leader for this trip (Thanks, Brenda). Rounding out our posse were: Michael, Michelle, Slava, and Alex. Alex had led on other CMC trips and so it worked out really well for him to be an on-the-spot-co-leader (Thanks, Alex).

With 3 groups of 2, we were able to do a super nice tour of the Happy Hour Crag moderates… (more…)

Rock Climbing – Cob Rock, Boulder, CO

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

I climbed North Face Center with Michael while John and Russ climbed Empor.

Clare - Top O Cob - Love The View! Michael Enjoying North Face Cob Rock
John Rock Climbing Top of Cob Rock Russ Climbing to Top O Cob
Then, I had a bout of serious dehydration. I chugged my entire Nalgene of water and still felt crummy. It must have been after effects of attending the Stapleton Beer Festival the night before. I felt so thirsty, it was a little unsettling. (more…)

Rock Climbing – Vampire and Avalon Crags, Boulder Canyon

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Barry on Wheel of Fortune (5.10b) Josie Climbing That's Weak (5.10a)

We had an adventurous day in Boulder Canyon. We navigated two Tyroleans, scrambled up mystery climbs, used “group think” to solve cruxes, and dropped off some shoes to RockNResoles (even though the sign said they were closed, they let me in and took my money…WOO-HOO!). Climbing gods were kind to us as we had great weather, no gear issues, no injuries, no safety problems, and no annoying babies or dog mishaps. (more…)

Rock Climbing – Boulder Canyon

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

On Sunday, after a full day climbing at Shelf, I yanked myself out of bed and drove up to Boulder Canyon. I met Stan at the huge pullout, and we drove up to Boulder Falls. It was a return trip to Plotinus Wall.

The day started out warm & sunny. By the time we reached the crag, a chilly wind stirred. The sun danced in and out of clouds all day, as we went through wild hot and cold temperature fluxuations. I felt like we were in a lab, being put through quality testing…We were caught most off guard! (more…)