Mt. Yale (14,196 ft) – Day Hike

Barry, Josie, and I did a wonderful loop hike of Mt. Yale. We started at Avalanche Gulch Trailhead, at 5am. Climbed up the gulch to a saddle at 11,900 ft; arriving at 7:45am.
Sign Pointing to East Ridge of Yale
We exited the saddle, saying goodbye to the CO Trail, and made our way up the East ridge of Mt. Yale.

Mt. Yale Loop Hike Elevation Profile

Mt. Yale Loop Hike Topo

Summit of Mt. Yale - Group Shot
Along the ridge, Barry traveled a little bit ahead, scouting the best way to navigate various piles of rocks. Sometimes we went right, sometimes left, and sometimes directly over the top! It was nice to have the short wave radios, so we could easily communicate.
Mt. Yale East Ridge

Josie Above 13,000 ft

East Ridge of Yale, Lower Half

Barry Near Summit of Yale

Clare & Josie Climb to Mt. Yale Summit
It was Josie’s first 14’er, so I was very excited for her when we reached the summit of Yale at 11:45am. We had just enough time for pictures before a summer storm arrived. There were only 3 dudes on the top, but they soon left and we had a few moments alone.

Clare on Mt. Yale Summit

Josie Descending Mt. Yale

Josie was very happy and relieved when we reached the Southwest slopes trail. It is a plush cakewalk compared to the East Ridge. And, there are Cairns everywhere! Definitely the standard route…

Cairn on Southwest Ridge of Yale

Barry on Southwest Ridge of Yale

We enjoyed the scenic hike down the Southwest slopes, stopping often to take pictures. We saw a marmot and enjoyed the many crossings over Denny’s Creek. We popped out at the Denny’s Creek trailhead at 4pm.

Climbergirl on Southwest Slopes of Mt.Yale

Barry Enjoying Yale's Southwest Slopes

Mt. Yale Creek Crossing

Since it was a loop hike, we still had 3 miles to hike to get back to the car. Barry ran ahead and got to the car first. Then, he raced down the road and rescued Josie & I from a torrential downpour. Actually, it rained on us for about 10 minutes, but Barry definitely prevented us frome getting totally soaked!

Denny Creek Trail Head for Mt. Yale

We went back to Buena Vista and ate dinner at an incredibly slow Asian restaurant. I would not recommend. We were starving and they took 40 minutes to cook our food!

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