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Mountaineering – Fletcher Mountain (13,951 ft) via Southwest Ridge

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Fletcher Mountain Naptime

Beth and Kurt on Top of Fletcher Mountain

Fletcher Mountain Track
On Saturday, I climbed Fletcher Mountain with Kurt and Beth. We had spent the night up in Frisco, which made the start of the day much more enjoyable. The forecast was looking good, if a bit windy, so I was looking forward to the challenge.

I had tried to reach Fletcher twice before in the winter, from the other side, via Drift. Both other times we had to turn back, so I was hoping that this route would pay off. I left my camera at home, so thanks to Beth for posting all her pictures online and sharing them! (more…)

Ecuador – Day 9 – Cotopaxi (19,347 ft)

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Antisana and Chimborazo from Cotopaxi Summit
Antisana and Chimborazo from the summit of Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi Victors
Tilden and Clare on the Summit of Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi Shadow and Ilinizas at Sunrise
The Shadow of Cotopaxi and the Illinizas (see the previous day’s post!)

Cotopaxi Map
The Map

Rafael Descending Cotopaxi
Our Guide, Rafael (photo courtesy of Tilden)

12:00am: Trail Head at 15,100 ft
01:20am: Hut at 15,750 ft *took a 10 minute break
02:20am: Snowline at 16,000 ft *took a 10 minute break to don crampons and rope up
06:05am: At 18,600 ft Watched Sunrise and shadow of Cotopaxi appear by the Illinizas
07:45am: At 19,347 ft On Summit!
08:25am: Began Descent
11:25am: Back at Trail Head


Mountaineering – Mt. Hope (13,933 ft) via Hopeful Couloir and Quail Mountain

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Success on Mt. Hope
Summit Shot on Mt. Hope

Hopeful Couloir on Mt. Hope
Hopeful Couloir, our destination!

Summit Register on Quail Mountain
Happy Father’s Day to Dad…My summit registry entry on Top of Quail Mountain

Mt Hope from Quail Mountain
Hope Mountain from Near Summit of Quail Mountain

On Father’s Day, Fred and I set off to climb the Hopeful Couloir on Mt. Hope. It was on my list of desired snow climbs and I was happy Fred was there to join me. While we were out bagging peaks, Dennis was somewhere on the Colorado trail and tooling around Twin Lakes on his mountain bike. It was neat to be up high and wondering where he was over the course of our day.

Our Schedule:
Depart Camp: 4:30am
Nearing Treeline in Sheep Gulch: 5:30am
Hope Pass: 6:30am
Descent to 12,100 ft and donning crampons: 7:10am
Base of Hopeful Couloir: 7:40am
Top of Hopeful Couloir: 9:25am
Top of Mt. Hope: 9:50am
Descending Mt. Hope: 10:15am
Hope Pass: 11:30am
Quail Mountain Summit: 12:30pm
Back to Camp: 2:30pm


Mountaineering – Horseshoe Mountain (13,898 ft) via Boudoir Couloir

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Horseshoe Mountain
Horseshoe Mountain, a Mosquito Range Centennial

Horseshoe Mountain Lake
Beautiful Alpine Lake

Getting Closer to Boudoir Couloir
The Boudoir Couloir!

Smiles at the top of Boudoir Couloir
Snow Climbing is Fun!

Horseshoe Mountain Summit
Doug and I enjoying the summit of Horseshoe Mountain

The Roaches give Horseshoe Mountain’s Boudoir Couloir route a *Classic* rating. This fact, combined with the ease of access to the trailhead, straightforward approach (no stream crossings!), small amount of elevation gain (~2,350 ft!), and mellow angled climbing put this climb at the top of my list. We were looking for a half day’s worth of effort and this climb was perfect!

Also, thanks to Bill Middlebrook, of, for posting a condition report of Horseshoe while out on White Ridge. That report was super helpful!

The Schedule:
Departure from Denver: 4am
Departure from TH: 6:30am
Past the Lake: 7:20am
Start Climbing Boudoir Couloir: 8:10am
Finish Boudoir Couloir: 9:20am
Summit of Horseshoe Mountain: 9:30am
Start Glissade of Boudoir: 10am
Back at the TH:~12pm