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Rock Climbing, Self Rescue Class

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Self Rescue Practice Day in the Rain/Snow
Instructors ready to begin self rescue session. I’m the one in the green poncho!

RMR Instruction
I’m in the red parka, “rescuing” Andy.

Andy Rescuing Clare
Here’s Andy, “rescuing” me!

On Saturday, I attended a rock climbing self rescue class, hosted by members of the Rocky Mountain Rescue. A major benefit to teaching Basic Rock Climbing School with the Colorado Mountain Club is being able to attend this whole day practice session. Prior to teaching Basic Rock Climbing, I would have to pay a guide to take me out and review these skills. Now, I get to review the skills in the setting of other rock climbing instructors without having to pay a ton of money.

Thanks to the RMR rescue guys who volunteered their time to hold this session! Every year, I retain more and more of the techniques!

Rock Climbing – CMC Self Rescue Practice

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Darin Walking Francesco Through a Rescue
Darin walking Francesco through a rescue of Andy

Jen at Self Rescue Practice
Jen, My “Victim”!

Jen Standing Up on the Foot Prusik
Jen practicing ascending a rope, using a prusik.

Tandem Rappelling
A Tandem Rappel

Every year, I like to spend one day reviewing self rescue skills. It is important to practice, at least yearly, or else I forget how to do it. If ever there was a need for these skills, it really should be second nature.

This year, we practiced:
1. Getting “hands free” using a Mule knot
2. Escaping a loaded belay
3. Passing a knot, using prussiks
4. Tandem Rappelling
5. Rappelling to a Victim and “picking them off their line”. Then, rappelling with them down to the ground.

Much thanks to Darin, from Rocky Mountain Rescue, for coaching us through the motions!