Rock Climbing – CMC Self Rescue Practice

Darin Walking Francesco Through a Rescue
Darin walking Francesco through a rescue of Andy

Jen at Self Rescue Practice
Jen, My “Victim”!

Jen Standing Up on the Foot Prusik
Jen practicing ascending a rope, using a prusik.

Tandem Rappelling
A Tandem Rappel

Every year, I like to spend one day reviewing self rescue skills. It is important to practice, at least yearly, or else I forget how to do it. If ever there was a need for these skills, it really should be second nature.

This year, we practiced:
1. Getting “hands free” using a Mule knot
2. Escaping a loaded belay
3. Passing a knot, using prussiks
4. Tandem Rappelling
5. Rappelling to a Victim and “picking them off their line”. Then, rappelling with them down to the ground.

Much thanks to Darin, from Rocky Mountain Rescue, for coaching us through the motions!

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