Rock Climbing, Eldorado Canyon, CO

On May 30th, I climbed in Eldorado Canyon with Barry, Aika, and Jim. Barry & Aika were off to do The Yellow Spur (5.10a), while Jim and I went on a tour of moderates:
Breezy (5.6) – Jim led
Wind Ridge (5.8) – I led
Whale’s Tail (5.6) – Jim led.
The weather was perfect, with a teeny tiny spitting of rain in the pm. Refreshing!

Here’s Barry & Aika, about to run up Yellow Spur:
Barry & Aika in Eldorado Canyon

Victory Shot of Aika on Yellow Spur (5.10a)
Aika Yellow Spur (5.10a)

Here’s Jim & I goofing off:
Jim & Clare Being Goofy in Eldo

Jim & I halfway up Breezy:
Clare & Jim Midway up Breezy (5.6)

Jim at crux section of Breezy:
Jim in Crux Section of Breezy (5.6)

Midway up Breezy (looking down):
Midway up 2nd Pitch of Breezy (5.6)

Nice Gal Hillary:
Hillary on Windy Ridge (5.8)

Happy Climbergirl on Top of 2nd Pitch of Wind Ridge:
Clare Happy on Wind Ridge

Jim Halfway between Redgarden & Wind Ridge Area:
Jim Between Redgarden & West Ridge in Eldorado Canyon

Clare Cleaning Whale’s Tail Crack (5.6)
Clare Whale's Tail

Jim Rapping off Whale’s Tail
Jim Rapping Whale's Tail

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